Testimonial 7

After stumbling onto her on Instagram account and the beautiful content she was posting. I was very impressed by the work so I did a bit more investigation on her other social channels like Pinterest, her own personal website, prompting me to send a quick message about a potential collaboration with TRTL Travel. We couldn't have been happier. She is a true pro and takes the time to explain honestly to her audience about products that she truly believes in and can speak about how they will enrich her audience. I would be extremely happy to work with Paige again on future projects and wish her continued success!


Social Media & Marketing at Trtl Travel Pillow


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Testimonial 6

Paige has been wonderful to work with. She consistently went above and beyond our expectations. Not only is she is a very talented photographer and videographer, but she also knows how to put that content into a successful marketing campaign. Even while travelling, she was responsive and prompt. I found myself looking forward to seeing the new content every day she was on our tour. Thank you, Paige, we look forward to future collaborations!


Executive Director Adventure With Purpose 


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Testimonial 3

Paige went above and beyond for us and helped me learn so much about traveling too!! We went on our vacation, had the most amazing time and came home feeling like we did not miss out on anything!! She was also there for us if we needed her while we were on the trip. I will absolutely go to her again for our next adventure (our honeymoon).




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Testimonial 5

Paige answered all my questions when it came to Asia & offered great personalized advice. It was beyond anything a travel agent or the internet could provide us. Paige listened to what we were looking for in our three week trip to Asia and she had authentic advice on where to go and what to do! For our next trip, I can’t wait to plan it with Paige and all the experience she has!


Real Estate Assistant


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Testimonial 1

Paige has been wonderful to work with. We have worked with her on multiple campaigns because she always creates beautiful content that showcases our product. She is also very kind, professional and timely! We look forward to continuing our relationship with her for future collaborations as well.

Thank you Paige!

NATALIE FILIPPI, Marketing Commerce Coordinator 

Daniel Wellington


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Testimonial 4

Paige has been amazing to work with. You always hope for the best when it comes to collaborating for the first time, happy to say that she far exceeded our expectations! Quick, responsive and provided high quality images for us!


Sand Cloud


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Testimonial 2

Paige was an outstanding influencer to work with! She was incredibly responsive and went above and beyond what we asked for. We sent her some product and within a week she had beautiful pictures and posts ready to go.
Best of all, you can tell that her audience truly enjoys her content. She has very engaged followers and knew how to organically get our product in front of them. She's the best!

DJ, Co-Founder

Active Roots


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