Eggplant isn't a favourite vegetable for a lot of people, I think because if it's not prepared right, you're left with this distinctive bitter texture. I promise you, this recipe changes all of that!

I've been loving eggplant lately because of this recipe! Try this out, and I'm sure eggplant will be on your grocery list more often.

Recipe serving size is 15 slices 




1.     1 Large peeled eggplant

2.     2 tbsp. ground flax seed  

3.     1 tbsp. roasted red pepper seasoning

4.     1/3 cup egg whites



1.     Cut eggplant into medium size slices (15 slices)

2.     Sprinkle salt over top slices and soak for 30 minutes 

3.     Mix ground flax seed, egg whites and seasoning together in small bowl, let sit for 30 minutes. it’s important to let this mix sit, so the mixture can begin to thicken.

4.     Take paper towel and blot each side of eggplant to take off all moisture (this process takes away bitter taste from eggplant)

5.     Lay down tip foil and spray with non-stick cooking spray

6.     Place eggplant on pan, take a spoon and smear mixture on top side ONLY


7.     Boil for 4 minutes

8.     Flip over and smear other side, repeating boil for 4 minutes


9.  Once both sides are crisp, lay out on paper towel to cool down

Helpful Tip

For best results put on a dish tray or whatever you have to allow them to air dry on both sides.


 Nutritional Info

60 calories per 3 slice

6g Carbs 3.9g Protein 3.9g Fibre 3g sugar