Sweet potatoes are a staple carb in my kitchen. I love adding these soft and crispy pieces to almost every one of my meals great on salads, breakfast omelettes or pair with a savoury snack.

Here is how I cook my sweet potatoes to perfection

Ingredients List 

1.     2 medium sized sweet potatoes or yams  

2.     Coconut oil non-stick cooking spray


Nutritional Info

 33 calories per 5 slices 

Protein  0.4g Carbs 7.8g Fibre 1.1g Sugar 0.1g



1.     Set oven at 350 degrees

2.     Peel sweet potatoes

3.     Cut into thin slices

4.     Lay down tin foil on being sheet, and spray with non-stick cooking spray (I prefer coconut oil)

5.     Place on middle rack for 25 minutes, then flip sides for another 25 minutes

6.     Bake until your desired crispness (I like them crispy!) and lay out to cool down


Sweet potatoes are great complex carbs and easy to keep in your fridge. Perfect for extra texture and sweetness. When I bake sweet potatoes they usually last me 3-4 days.