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Top 5 travel hacks to maximize the space in your suitcase 

How you can save yourself stress, time, and avoid over-packing LORD knows we always regret when we do it to ourselves. Here’s my 5 best tips to nipping this habit in the butt. Travel lighter - you don’t need the extra weight.

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How to get Bikini-Bod Ready in less than 20 days

How you can bounce into bikini body shape in 20 days, HOW? Learn here. All the products and lifestyle choices needed to transform your body & health in less than 20 days.

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Why every woman should make travel a MAJOR priority in their 20's

Why every women should make traveling a major priority in their youth.

It’s worth the investment, here’s why!

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Must Pack: 10 of your favourite items you won’t find in developing countries

Items I swear by packing to developing countries because you will NOT find them once you’re there. HINT #9 is a MUST! .. well …they all are!

Essential items you need to pack for Asia, Mexico & the list goes on…

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8 Low budget ways you can truly stay fit while you're traveling

My expert guide to staying lean and healthy on vacation. Tips that will even let you come back from vacation fitter than when you left!

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