How to keep your face looking it’s best while you’re traveling: Products + Practices & Packing Tips I swear by

Ultimate cosmetic + skincare products for travel + everyday look

I have always have found skincare to be difficult navigating, while traveling. Things will be fine & then out of no where, a infestation of PIMPLES come full force & completely f’up my confidence.

*Knock on wood* My skin is currently it’s BEST it’s ever been. Genetically, I was not gifted with great skin complexion. Grandpa is looking youthful as f*ck but, because of it, I have a never ending oily shine.

Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL BOUT’ babes-on-a-budget tips & tricks but, when it comes to my skin. I do NATTTT mess around. I will go to war with my time & credit card, to keep my face looking FRESHHHH.

Here’s everyday products I swear by, IF 1 of these goodies, was to be discontinued, I WOULD legit, go & clean out the inventory in stock.

fultimate skincare + cosmetic products for travel & everyday look

Cosmetic products worth every pretty penny…..

*Disclaimer* I have oily skin! If your skin is DRY, some of these products, MIGHT not work the same for you.

Products that work for me, when I’m at home & traveling! This look will achieve, Minimal & Natural Look.

ultimate skincare + cosmetic products for travel & everyday look

Upkeep your look while you’re traveling with these essentials 

Packing cosmetics for travel checklist

When you’re packing your day bag here’s what you can’t forget


Tips to avoiding breakouts when you’re traveling to humid hot climates

Don’t skimp on your skin care routine

You need to make it a ritual, just as you would at home. If you’re in a habit of self-love skin scare practices, don’t skimp out when you’re on the move traveling. It’s more important then, than ever.


Don’t rely on make up wipes 

This is not an effective method. When you’re traveling to hot destinations, your pores open & if you’re not cleansing with warm water to clean out your pores, you might find yourself waking up the next day with a few unwanted friends on your face.

No touching your face

There is SO much bacteria out there, and especially when you’re on the move. you’re totally exposed to extra dirt & grim, DO NOT touch your face.

Skincare BEFORE makeup

 like it’s the holy freakinnnn’ bible!

I learned this the hard way, in Bali, I was waking up & heading straight to the gym, & washing my face after. I thought “that’s the point, if I’m going to sweat anyways….” N-O. Wash your face girl! This has been a game changer for my skin, right when I wake up I wash my face & always before I go to bed! NO MATTER WHAT. Why? Because it’s actually been proven that when we sleep, our skin produces a film of dead cells & bacteria & when we don’t wash it off… & go about our day, it is a BREEDING ground for pimples to invite their BFF’s!

If you sweat or swim in salt water - wash your face after ASAP

I get its sometimes, you’re out for the entire day & you can’t just be exfoliating your face 3 times because of it. However, keep in mind that whenever you can wash up after, some kind of activity, you should. Sweat, salt, or pollution are flawless complexion killers. To keep your beautiful angel face…. Get it off ASAP.


With time changes, new eating & sleeping schedules… your body can feel a little out-of-wack. Make sure you are staying fully hydrated with H2O, to flush toxins out.


Have a skincare & product you’re obsessed with that is perfect for traveling or any everyday LOOK?

K, tell me your secret! I Wanna know! Comment below, I’d love to hear from you.