VPN (Virtual Private Network) Why it’s the ultimate travel resource & how you can use it to save money

A guide to using VPN and Why VPN is the best resource for traveling

Okay. So, recently I’ve been talking about VPN— a lot… quite frankly I’m embarrassed I didn’t know about this amazing-ness sooner!

Why I'm so obsessed with it, will make sense in a second, especially when it comes to traveling.

So the first thing you might be wondering…

What a VPN is?

Well, it stands for Virtual Private Network.

It's an app you put on your phone, tablet or laptop, and it gives you the ability to get on networks anonymously.

It'll probably make sense then why, for travel, it's also great because if you're anonymous on the internet, websites that are taking in your data to see where you're coming from in the world, can no longer tell.

So.. say when you're booking hotels and flights or anything that must do with your location, you can trick them into getting a cheaper rate or fare when you change your location.

For example purposes… You want to buy a ticket to, from, or within Vietnam on Vietnam Airlines, but you live in San Francisco. By using your VPN to access a server in Vietnam, you are tricking the airline’s website into thinking you actually are located in Vietnam

This can give you access to lower fares that are otherwise unavailable!

Does VPN protect my security?

Yes in fact this is Another reason why you should be using one when you’re abroad to protect your online security!

Every time you log onto Wi-Fi on a public network, those people on the same network as you can potential access your information: passwords, bank information, usernames. All it takes is one savvy hacker to be in your area! A VPN will protect you from these hackers!

How do you use it?

You simply install a VPN app of your choice, turn the VPN status to ON and that’s it!

Which VPN is the best?

  • Express VPN is the top rated platform and highest ranked across Google.

Can you get into trouble using a VPN?

I would say very unlikely; However, the U.A.E is one of the first governments to ever regulate the use of it, so maybe think twice before using it in places like Dubai.

VPN Hotspot was a life saver for me when I was in the Beijing airport for a 13hour lay over with my broken leg. No Social in China! Like, How can we survive without Social Media?! Luckily I was informed abut VPN app’s by then and used it for the first time with great success!

Have you used a VPN for travel? If so, which platform do you use?