How you can plan your vacation savvy & save money

How you can save money planning your vacation

2019 is the year to year MORE, YAY or NAY?! YAY —obviously!

This is for the wanderlust-er in YOU.

2018 may not have been your most successful travel year yet, or maybe, it was and, you’ve realized the travel bug, has bit you hard!! Either way, these are savvy tips to help you get to more destinations with less in your pocket!

Don’t second guess yourself, stop worry so much about why you CAN’T go on a trip right now & just do it!

how to save money on travel in 2019

When you find an unreal deal - TAKE IT!

You may have heard that the best time to buy a flight is on Tuesday or, six weeks in advance is the sweet spot. At the end of the day, the BEST time to buy is when a deal pops up! Don’t wait to share it with a friend or verify if you have the time off work, or proper finances… YOU’LL sort it out! JUST BOOK IT!

Don’t believe that you can never get your money back on travel expenses

Even non-refundable flights have a 24-hour refund window. If you book then change your mind, you can cancel the entire thing like it never happened. Also, some airlines will work with you to reimburse the cost of any subsequent price drop after you purchase, and will refund your fare if there’s a delay or change in the itinerary that was due to the airline.

Planning your trip activities in advance = planning your budget more realistically

A great resource for tours & day trip planning is Viator Travel. They mostly have day-tours but, there are many overnight & multi-day tours on the site also.

If you’re looking for an activity form a locals perspective, Airbnb now hosts tours too!

Don’t always opt for a round-trip flight

Roundtrips have long been preferred in the booking process, however, I’m an advocate of one-way flights because… You get more value for point redemptions when booking award travel & you can customize your itinerary to add international connections! This will give you the flexibility to book your trip, making your own travel lay-over plan cheaper.

Get on Pinterest & read up, on some travel blogs

Shameless plug for you to resort to my site here, if you ever need any money saving travel tips & tricks!

If there’s a trip you’re dreaming of taking, I’ll always read up on blogs (the most current) info about what to see & expect to do at the destination you’re headed. Saving time, money, & hassle of learning what to do as you go…. So you never miss a thing either!

Make travel a priority in yo’ life

If you want to travel more . in 2019 the easiest way to do so is REAL simple. Make it a massive priority! If travel is your #1 then it will mean that whenever you’re tempted to buy something you should weigh it up against how many days of travel it will equivalent to. #priorities

Spend more time in less places

Have you ever been on vacation & felt exhausted from bouncing from place to place? Not only that, but, doing excursions every day will cost a pretty penny too. When planning a trip to Europe it’s easy to wanna tackle every place off your bucket list, instead.. why not focus on a handful of awesome destinations & really get to know those spots. This will save you mega cash on transport, currency conversion, the “unknown” AND most importantly LESS STRESS.

There you have it!

REAL easy ways you can save money on travel this year!

Oh, the places you will go!

But, maybe, you’re struggling with even having the funds to go somewhere in the first place?

Babe, I got you too!

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Do you have a trick I missed that is a savvy money safer for you when you’re planning a vacation?

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