How to beat the belly bloat while you're traveling

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I know exactly what it’s like to be oh-so-ready for your vacation…You have your new bikinis ready, you’ve packed all the right healthy snacks & BOOM… out of no where your gut is like “nah, we’re not going to cooperate with you this time!” 

It can be sooooo frustrating, I know!

These are the insider tips to beating the belly bloat, arrive feeling your best. While enjoying your vacay with total confidence on your beach days. 

Don’t overeat on the plane

I know it can be hard not to snack especially, when you’re bored and restricted to staying in one spot! Snacks are life in those situations! I HEAR YOU! The bloating will come on in full force if you binge eat a bunch of food & worse can’t even walk it off to help with digestion. Keep your snacking to a minimum.


Hydrate ,hydrate, hydrate…

You want to make sure, you are not going to retain fluid from the plane ride and one of the easiest ways to avoid this, is to drink a lot of water!


Fasting until your body is used to the new time zone 

I know it might be lunch time back home & bed time where you are now….  Avoid eating even if you’re hungry….. Let your gut get used to the new feeding times as quickly as possible.


Workouts in the A.M while you’re fasted.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of water retention and de-bloat is simple… GET MOVING. Get your energy up & metabolism going.


Eat fibre rich foods

& if you’re lacking.. or not very good about getting your veggies in… Bring along a fibre supplement.  

Nutra Cleanse is a great one (repack this powered into a small Tupperware container)

Wake up earlier

If you don’t give yourself enough time in the morning to do ‘your thing’ this can really mess with our bodies I find. Give your body time to do it’s thing when it needs to…. if you know what I mean!

Intermitted fasting..

I do this on the first day every single time I arrive somewhere new.. The way I see it is, I’m basically cleansing my body….giving it a break and a chance to reset and catch up. 16 hours is the sweet spot. So, I start once I’ve arrived there (depending on what I ate on the plane) & I don’t eat again until dinner that night or, the following day.


Avoid raw vegetables

Believe this or not, vegetables are the hardest thing for our bodies to breakdown. Especially when raw... carrot sticks are a massive RED FLAG for bloating.  Try to eat all your foods cooked & warm if you can… our gut especially when it’s bothering us …does not enjoy cold foods.

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Sleep. You need to get enough sleep.

Your gut IS YOUR SECOND BRAIN and if you don’t give it enough time to rest, OF COURSE it won’t be vibin’ with you the next day.

Having enough sleep, will let your body belly & body - relax!


This maybe isn’t what you want to hear either but, don’t go too crazy off the deep end trying a variety of random new foods, if you’re not sure what your body can handle.  This is a recipe for a disaster!

There you have it! a list of easy ways you can effectively beat bloating when you’re on vacay! If you enjoyed this post than you would really like my Guide to Staying Fit while you travel! ^ It is a template for your smart phone designed to be used while you’re on vacation all you need to do is download it on your mobile device!

Have any tricks I might have missed that help you beat travel bloating? I’m dying to know! Comment below!