A young females guide to managing stress & anxiety in the overwhelming working world ... The lessons I've learned

how to deal with stress

It’s 10:30pm on a Saturday night… and I'm writing this because I want to shed light on my battles with staying motivated.

 I haven’t talked much lately about healthy habits in my life, primarily because documenting travel related content is my #1 goal, I’m unfortunately just not capable at this moment to produce enough daily content surrounding both fitness and travel… however, both play an equally vital role in my happiness.

I love blogging, and sharing my journey however, sometimes I think I’m not the most gifted writer (okay, I'm definitely not!) BUT - just because I'm not now, doesn't mean I won't get better the more I practice, yes? YES!

I sometimes feel stressed, anxious and over whelmed to the point where I don’t make time for myself. 

I’m so focused on my laptop screen rewriting the same thing like 102029340239 times, asking myself "WTF, maybe I'm dyslexic?" 

I have major adrenal fatigue, sometimes I feel so down, I have difficulties pulling myself out of bed in the morning. This past week was exceptionally challenging for me. I would second guess my every move, it was very counter-productive.

I would look at my list of weekly goals, and still, I couldn't shake the feeling of wanting to do nothing besides eat a box of sugary cereal and go back to bed 😑 I didn't,  but I really, really wanted to.

 One thing I know for sure is how life changing (literally) being active daily is, for positively adjusting my mood.

FInding a healthy outlet for your stress-2 copy 4.jpg

This week I’ve had to push myself every day to work out, when I  try to talk myself out of it, I would remind myself about the negative affects not making the time would have on me... 

I want to be honest, I struggle, and if you suffer from anxiety or depression I want you to find an outlet that works for you, if you don't have one already. 

Find your place of peace

Do it because you enjoy it, or even if you hate the process, push yourself because you love yourself and know it will make you feel a 1000 x's better after.


(often how I feel about working out) 🙄


Feeling great, I mean seriously feel amazing! … It's not valued enough.


Here are ways to instantly improve your mood

  • Sweat; run, lift, play sports -- get yourself moving!

  • Meditate, stretch, or practice yoga - a great app for meditating is The Mindfulness app.

  • Go for a walk around the block -- get outside (this helps me every time)

  • Take a hot bath, honestly, sometimes you just need to relax.

  • Book a massage.

  • Practice 5 deep breathes in and out.

  • Remind yourself of 5 things you're grateful for ❤️

  • If your place is a mess, clean up and tidy it.

  • Talk about your frustrations with someone who will give you constructive advice.

  • Write down what triggers your stress and why you feel the way you do. Sometimes not understanding WHY is the root to your problem.

  • Play music that brings up your energy.

If you don’t feel amazing every day, I hope this post challenges you to seek more for yourself. 


Because you deserve it, we all deserve it.



we got this xx