Top 5 travel hacks to maximize the space in your suitcase 

Track hacks for for not overpacking

Everyone knows that the hardest part of travelling is fitting everything you need into one suitcase. You’re worried about going over the weight limit, busting the seams of your favourite bag or not being able to zip up after you visit that adorable clothing boutique or nearby souvenir shop. Here are my top five travel hacks so that you can travel with ease:

1. Mini bottles for your toiletries

No, I don’t mean alcohol! Using small bottles for all toiletries and liquids allows you to bring all your products without the hassle of having a year’s supply along for the ride. Make sure they’re under 100ml so that you have the option for carry on or checked. 

2. Interchangeable outfits.

When deciding which clothes to bring, choose shirts that go with multiple bottoms, bottoms that go with multiple shoes, you get the point. Make choosing your outfit each morning easy.

3. Roll your clothes.

If you choose this method of packing, there are so many benefits. The rolling technique reduces wrinkles, makes it easy to see what you packed and it saves spaces in your suitcase.


op 5 travel hacks to maximize the space in your suitcas

4. Only bring the essentials.

If you can’t see yourself using it every day, don’t bring it. Skip the one-off items and bring usable items whenever possible to help reduce waste and save space.

5. Compression bags.

These babies are a life-, and space-, saver! Use these to zip out the air in-between clothes and compress all your favourites so they fit neatly inside.

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