12 Cheap beach vacation destinations


Getting to the beach is the easy part (usually). The real struggle is always the cost of how much it's going to be to stay, play, and eat around there too!

I don't know about you but, when I see the only options available are luxurious beach bungalows for over 300$ per night, I say to myself "forget it!"

Amazing low budget beach destinations


Maldives or Tahiti... Okay, ya, it looks unreal!

However, I want to go somewhere, where I'm not stressing about the cost of a water bottle! 

I want to actually be able to enjoy myself...

Let me guess, you too? 

Here are 12 beach destinations I can personally attest to not JUST being gorgeous, also, very affordable too!

Now we're talking!

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#1 Uluwatu, Indonesia

Whoever says there isn't many nice beaches in Bali, clearly didn’t make it past Old man’s surf beach in Canggu (a not so beautiful but, very popular beach spot) 

Spend a week in Uluwatu (located on the south end of Bali) There’s heaps of marvellous beaches.

Sleep for 30$ a night, eat for 10-20$ a day (and that's eating quite generously) and, wait for it….  explore a list of remarkable beaches for FREE!

Best Beaches: Karma, Bingin, and Padang - Padang beach.

Click here for your complete guide to the best destinations for your first time in Bali.

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#2 Komodo Islands, Indonesia 

Sail into LEGIT heaven on earth! If you’re in Bali, no questions asked, you gotta visit! 

The pink sand beach and crystal clear waters of Flores island (A part of the Komodo National ark) will make whatever 'junk sail boat' you must take to get out there, TOTALLY worth it!

 Adventure to the islands of Komodo National Park on a 3-5 day sailing tour costing as little as 350$ CAD with food included.                                                             

Beach beaches: Koka beach, Kanawa beach, and Pink beach



#3 Beach Comber Island, Fiji

The backpacker island of Fiji! Which happens to have budget-friendly accommodation options. Whether you choose to spend the night here, or head out for a day excursion, you will quite literally, be floating in the middle of paradise! 

Does Fiji sound like the destination for you? Learn more here for a guide to budgeting a trip to Fiji for 10 days under 1200$

Best beaches: You can’t go wrong picking one, because the island is incredibly small.


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#4 Brac Island, Croatia

If you’ve been following my travels for a while now, then you know, I’m in love with the islands of Croatia! I haven’t been to every island …yet, but so far, Brac is my favourite!

The clear turquoise blue waters might just be why!

Cost-effective options to stay on the island can be found for 40$ a night when booking in advance. 

Best beaches: Martinica, Lovrecina, and world famous - Zlatni rat beach


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#5 Crete Island, Greece

Crete is known for it's amazing Cretan cuisine. Stuff your face with 7$ plates of the freshest calamari and drink up 4$ crafts of wine. 

Crete is home to world class beaches; the only problem you’ll run into, is not having enough time to see them all! 

Must see beaches: Elafonissi, Balos, and Falasarna beach 


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#6 Milos Island, Greece

An island surrounded by 70 outstanding beaches!

It’s small enough get around easily, and there's  loads of modestly priced apartment rentals. 

Tip: You can snag a meal and beverage for under 10 euros if you look for it!

If all you want is beach life and not spend a fortune living it, Milos is everything you could ask for.

Best beaches Tsigrado, Sarakiniko, and Paleochori beach



#7 Tulum, Mexico 

Skip the swarming streets of Cancun, Cabo or Playa del Carmen and head straight to Tulum; splendid white sand beaches and boohoo chic vibes.

Rent a newly developed condo at a bargain of a price, eat 1$ street tacos, and travel around by bicycle. HOW CUTE RIGHT?!

Best Beaches: Playa Ruinas (this beach is not free you must pay to enter ruins)  Akumal Beach, Secret Beach


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#8 Nice, France 

One of the few spots in France where a beach is at your front door. 

I know what you’re thinking... “France really? How on earth is that within my budget?” It's  surprisingly one of the low-cost beach hubs within Europe! 

Airbnb apartment rentals are nominal at 60$ per night in the centre of town!

Best beaches…  La Reserve, Villefranche-sur-mer, Castel Plage (private beach) 


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#9 Kho Phi Phi Island, Thailand

You can’t go wrong picking an island in Thailand to enjoy the beaches. However, If I’m going to narrow it down to one island in particular; Koh Phi Phi, would be my pick of them all, a fan favourite to anyone who's ever been. 

You can stay, party and eat for as little as 15$ a day! 

Best beaches: Maya Bay (from the movie The Beach) Phak Nam, Viking beach  


amazing low budget beach destinations

#10 Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Traveller’s will try telling you, phenomenal beaches are hard to find in Vietnam.

But did they go to Phu Quoc?!  An island of the south end of Vietnam. Just google it.

Sleep at beautiful resorts for less than 70$ a night! Stuff your face (I know I did) at the fresh food night market for less than 10$... teleport me back, please!!!

Beach beaches: Sao Beach, Long Beach, Bai Dai Beach (depending on the time of year pollution can be quite bad.) 


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#11 Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

Known for it’s tropical vibes and gorgeous beaches. Whether you’re looking for a party in paradise or a relaxing beach vacation this island has a spot for you.

Contrary to what you may hear it is not just a party island. However, if you’re looking for super cheap spots to stay, you will enjoy the perks of the cheap accommodation that’s offered in Koh Touch for 15$ USD per night.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing vacation I suggest spending a little extra and heading to the cleaner ends of the island in Samloem. 

Best Beaches: Palm Beach, Lazy Beach, and lonely beach 



#12 Barcelona, Spain 

A hot spot every summer! Don't let the popularity discourage you... Beach life, culture, tasty cuisine, and breathtaking architecture... it's all there in Barcelona!

Whether you wish to stay in a more social setting such as a hostel for 30$ a night or book a private apartment to yourself, you can explore Barcelona on a relatively low budget.

Spend your days lounging at the bustling beaches of Spain’s cosmopolitan capital. 

Best beaches:  La Barceloneta, Sant Pol Del Mar, and La Mar Bella


So what do you think?

Out of all 12 destinations which do you plan on adventuring off to next, comment below I would love to know!