10 essentials to survive your long flight

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Prep for your next international flight with these travel must haves, and you will  be so grateful you did!  

#1 Trtl Travel Pillow

The comfort of having this thing versus not, is a no-brainer...

This pillow makes traveling in coach SO much more enjoyable… I personally HATE how almost all airplane pillows (besides this one) don’t support your neck properly! This pillow changes all of that with it’s wrap around feature making your neck comfortable, secure and the fabric is breathable!

Life changer on flights!


#2 Gel Pad Eye Mask

Seems pretty self explanatory but this little guy will be your BFF. Especially when you wanna take a snooze, and the guy next to you refuses to put the window shade down.  

#3 Refillable water bottle 

You must stay hydrated! 

This is super important for beating jet leg and arriving at your destination feeling energized and fresh! 

Tip: Download an app called Drink Water for daily reminders if you're like me, and struggle to stay on top of hydration. 


#4 Your sacred bag of toiletries 

Nothing feels better than being able to brush your teeth, comb your hair and wash your face. After sitting on a plane for what seems like forever.

This is a definite MUST if you want your experience in the air to be a comfortable one. 


#5 Snacks, snacks and more snacks! 

Don't resort to the overpriced airport selection, or the flight menu. Take that little extra time needed, and plan ahead. 

Tip: Always pack more than you believe you need, trust me on this. 

Stressing about what to bring? Peep my list of healthy snacks for travel here. 


#6 Chewing gum 

I don't know about you, but if my mouth is stale nothing else about me is feeling fab.

Traveling long distances can have the "stanky breath effect" pack a few packs to ensure yours stays fresh! 


#7 Light weight sarong 

Yes, I know. Most international flights have complimentary blankets. Having one thats your own though? Makes a world of a difference. 


#8 Hand wipes 

These are soooo handy (see what I did there!) 

Let's be real for a second, airplanes are NOT the most sanitary of places. God knows what's lurking around. 

Pack these and I guarantee you'll use them!


#9 Comfy socks 

Ditch your shoes on the flight. Change into a pair of socks you pack specially for your flight. Just be sure your shoes don't smell, you don't want to become the least popular person on the plane. 

Tip: If you struggle with swollen feet, buy a pair of compression socks. 


#10 Change of clothes 

Remember what I said about your toiletry bag? 

Same goes for your clothes!

Also, whether you're flying direct or not. Pack an extra set of clothes, just in case. 

What is your checked baggage doesn't make it?

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