Insider tips to taking AMAZING photos when you're traveling alone

Tips to taking amazing photos when you're traveling solo


The struggle of being in the most picturesque location and not knowing how to capture the moment with yourself in it... 


It took me a while to master the tricks to getting a bomb ass selfie travel solo #cantstopme

Here's how you do it...

taking awesome photos traveling alone


#1 Prepare by, knowing what you want 

If you want photos that you love, you need to know what type of photos you like. Plan ahead that way you can document each moment you want to capture effortlessly. 

how to take awesome photos traveling solo

#2 Find Inspiration 

Hop on Pinterest or Insta! 

There's plenty of stunning pics online that can ignite your creative fire inside. When I can't think of any fun ideas, I resort to my photo album I have saved with loads of photos I'll saved that help me brain storm ideas. 


how to take awesome photos traveling solo

#3 Ask a stranger to take your photo

Trust your gut and only give your camera to someone who you presume is trustworthy. If you see a couple/friends offer to take a photo of them, if they'll exchange the favour. 

Tip: I like to choose young women, or someone with a professional looking camera. They tend to have an artistic eye for a good angle, and usually they'll take a selection of photos! 


how to take awesome photos traveling solo

#4 Embrace the selfie stick 

Super touristy, but, what the hell cares! You are one! 

Better to get the photos your little heart desires, than to not have any goodies. Don't be embarrassed, snap away shamelessly! 

how to get amazing photos traveling solo

#5 Pack a tripod 

Carry one of these bad boys so you can capture wide range shots on your own too! Find one thats lightweight like this one here, and it won't be a hassle to lug around. 


how to take amazing photos traveling solo

#6 Carry photo props with you 

Coordinate your outfit to match the setting of where you're going (or be like me and pack an outfit change too!) 

Wearing a cute hat or pair of sunnies can truly take the artistic nature of your shot from a 7/10 to 10/10.


how to take amazing photos traveling solo

#7 Rapid-fire shooting

This will provide you with tons of shots to choose from. Also increase your chances of getting one you love. Whether you ask someone to take your photo for you or use a tripod wit a timer I highly recommend this. Get snap happy!