Inexpensive Entertaining Ways to Beat the Drag of a Long Layover


Seeing a long connection time on your boarding pass can be daunting sometimes, like what the hell will you do for 4 hours in an airport?

One time I spent 32 hours in a commute to go back home to Canada from Asia.

11-hours I spent in the Shanghai airport, without Social Media too! Lord, knows I needed this list then!

I know all too well. Airports can be a lot of work, to be fun and stay entertaining.

How to have fun during a long layover tips

#1 Check out the airport amenities 

Download GateGuru app to research amenities available at the airport, including restaurants that are worth hiking to another terminal for, spas, and other insider info. It also has airport maps, info on rental cars, and keeps track of your flight’s departure time and gate for you! How fun! 


#2 Pack your carry on wisely 

Think, toothbrush to keep yourself feeling fresh. A change of clothes even, maybe? Chargers (absolute must) toss in a good read, playing cards, a journal and yummy snacks to pass the time (I’m sure you know how much I think snacks are life by now)


#3 Load your gadgets with entertainment full force

Avoid having to pay fees for Wi-Fi o,r the headache of slow loading times over the airport Wi-Fi. Download a new book, shows or movies onto your mobile device ahead of time. Take the opportunity to charge all your devices to make sure you can carry on your entertainment needs. 

how to have fun at the airport during a layover



#4 Hit up the airport lounge 

Airport lounges are LEGIT. Your layover will be more pleasant if you can access a lounge where you can wait for your flight and enjoy food, drinks, and free reliable Wi-Fi!  Some airport lounges even offer showers and daybeds. Unless flying first class or business or having a credit card with airport lounge access as a benefit You may have to pay a day rate… but, it would totally be worthwhile if you have an extra-long layover. 



#5 Leave the airport and explore your connecting city

If your layover is long (enough) If might be a good use of your time to leave the airport and explore. Some airports such as Singapore, Salt Lake City and Shanghai offer day tours from the airport because long layovers are that common! 



#6 Exercise and stretch your legs

Move your body, stretch, and exercise during layovers. Do some specific exercises to keep circulation going in the feet and calves to lessen the chances of swelling from pressure changes. Walking through the terminals can not only pass the time, it can loosen the joints from long flights and prevent stiffness. 



#7 Window Shop

Even if you don’t have a purchase in mind. Kill some time by looking at all the different items sold at the airport. Before you know it, it’ll be time to board your flight.