How to save money when you're traveling solo & you can't split the cheque

How to save money when you're traveling solo and you can't split the bills

Let’s talk, about the best ways that you can save money when you're traveling solo because I am not gonna lie. If you are traveling with a friend, the ability to do things more extravagantly and the possibility to do more because you can split the total, is A LOT easier with a buddy.. But, you know what?

Waiting for someone to come with you is going to be the most daunting & unpractical thing if you wanna live a life on your OWN TERMS. I do think that if you have the opportunity to go on an adventure, you definitely should do it. No —- if, ands, or buts! So let's chat about how you can save hundreds of dollars from the second you start planning your trip!

#1 Be flexible on the destination

It's no secret that if you travel Southeast Asia, it is going to be a fraction of the price next to traveling the South of France in the Summertime. The act of picking a more affordable destination will save you tons when you’re considering 10$ a night for a room next to $60. If you can be flexible with your dates too! EVEN BETTER.

#2 Travel during low/off season

I find that January is generally one of the cheapest months to travel because it's right after all the holiday vacays. North Americans have gone back to their daily activities. Booking before peak season gives you the opportunity to score some wicked deals!

#3 Pick a city with plenty of free activities.

Museums, free day tours, hikes and beaches. Like…. don't chose Switzerland in the frickin' winter as somewhere to go on a solo trip. There goes an entire few months savings in two weeks! Be extra careful with where you want to go and ensure that you can do a lot of the activities there for free.

#4 Join a solo travel group

If you know you're traveling alone, I do suggest joining a tour if you really do want to cut costs because, you will fit the most locations worth visiting in & do the most activities on a budget that is catered to a group atmosphere meaning, shared transportation, accommodation, and just sharing the overall experience makes it way cheaper for a tour guide to host which means your costs as a consumer can be lower as well.

Worried about making friends

#5 Avoid doing things that are going to charge for the single supplement

What I mean by that is usually it's a certain fee for a group or a couple. And if you decide to do things as a single, they will charge you double. Annoying I know.. The penalties of traveling alone. So try and avoid doing activities like that. Always ask a tour company before hand if they do such things.

#6 Rethink hostel life

It’s a definite must! I can't say enough how important it is to just give it a shot. But if you are gonna travel alone, rethink hostels and definitely give it a try. I PROMISE you're not gonna meet anyone near to the degree that you will think you are going to if you don't stay in a hostel. You’re also not going to find a cheaper place to sleep for a night either — unless its free or you’re couch surfing!

If you’re new to the hostel life, no sweat. Here’s the best advice I have to give about what you can expect from your first time in a hostel.

#7 Pack light.. YOU CAN DO IT!

If you can diminish those luggage fees by traveling with only a carry on suitcase, you will save at least $50 right here!

See my guide here to how YOU CAN travel the world with only a carry on suitcase — live & learn child, LIVE & LEARN!

#8 Connect to Wi-Fi literally everywhere you can

and when all else fails and you literally can’t find internet connection ANYWHERE.. I promise a McDonalds or Starbucks can not be too far away (most times anyway!)

#10 Strategize your meals the day before

a.) That means planning the night before, even if you know you're gonna be traveling the next day. Buy snacks from the grocery store the day before so you’re not hangry at the airport and forced to buy over priced noodles!

#11 If you wanna eat out for less, choose hostel-affiliated bar/restaurants

Often times hostels will partner with nearby bars & restaurants that are looking for business. Most times too they’ll offer you a discount or promotion if you dine there. Ask the hostel front desk, if you’re curious, they always know!

#10 pick transport wisely, that’ll be a No to Mr.Cab driver

When picking Uber, UberX or Grab where you're going that allows you to share rides, or split them, or do the shared ride option, or take the transit. Locate yourself in your public transit so you have the ability to go for free. And do a lot of walking. The best way to see things is by walk AND hello! — it’s free!

#11 Google discounts before you buy from store front tour agencies

So when you want to do a tour and there is a travel agency or something that's trying to nab you on the street for an activity or an excursion you want to do, get hop online and see if you can find a deal or a coupon to that exact day tour.

#12 Start your budget from the second you leave your front door

Get your snacks packed, a refillable water bottle ready & entertainment essentials go-to-go! Save yourself $$$ from purchasing at the airport or on your flight!

See my guide to how you can score serious MONEY SAVERS at the airport & on flight here.


Tell me where you’re off to next, OR what’s your best experience traveling SOLO been to this date?!

how to save money when you're traveling the world solo