How to save money EASILY when you're at the airport and on flight


Have you ever looked at your bank statement after a trip somewhere and realized you spent way more than you ever imagined you would, before you ever left the airport?

 I know, its so ridiculous! but, when you're options are limited, can you blame them for over charging? 

How to save money at the airport and on flight


After 100+ flights around the world its safe to say I know how to save a buck or two when it comes to flying (especially on a budget.) 

Here are 9 tricks that can save $$$$

A Solo Female Budget Travel Resource

#1 Check your baggage online 

check in and, add your baggage at least 12 hours prior to departure. I've stressed myself out about this countless times because I wait till the very last minute... Don't be like myself here. 

If you want to pack a carry on like me, this is my absolute fav.. and - it's cheap! 



#2 Bring a reusable water bottle 

... or chuck out the water that you have in your bottle and carry the empty with you through security and refill it on the other side (depending where you are in the world, this might not be possible to find a water fountain on the other side.) 

The one I use can be purchased here 


#3 Pack your own tea bags 

All you gotta do is ask for a plastic cup and some hot water from the nearest coffee shop or from a flight attendant... sorted!

#4 Bring your own mini spirit bottles 

I know consuming your own alcohol on flight is prohibited..but, I've totally done this! No one cares! Anything less than 100mLs passes security, no problem. (Make sure the bottles are sealed.)



#5 Pack your own food 

Almost any food item can be brought on flight. Declare it through customs (if they ask)... besides some fruit/canned foods, I've never experiences any issues. 

The best containers for packing food for travel here


#6 Have your own earphones 

Some flights will getcha' with only providing earphones for purchase.


#7 Offline downloads 

Before you leave a stable Wi-Fi connection (at home) take the time to download your favourite series or a few movies from Netflix onto your mobile device. 



#8 Cash on arrival 

Do you need a visa for where you're headed? If so, make sure you've done your research and, have all the proper requirements figured out at least 72 hours before your departure date. 


A solo Female Budget Travel Resource

#9 Weigh your luggage 

Know how much your bag weighs before you get to the airport. Excess baggage fees is how budget airline companies will screw you! Avoid surprises by knowing the limits, and how much your bag weighs before you leave home. 


That Blonde Bikini Girl A solo Female Budget Travel Resource

I would love to have 10.. but I just couldn't think of anything else! 

What do you think? Any insider tips to saving money on route to your destination, I could add to my list?