7 Money saving hacks to help you save while you're traveling



The truth... you do not have to be rich to travel, you just have to know how to do it for less. 

No matter what your budget is, it's possible.

I can promise you that.

7 of the best hacks to saving money while you're traveling

I've seen traveller's making money doing whatever it takes to fund their travels.

I met a dude from Brazil in Greece, he was selling his travel photos on the street, trying to get enough money to buy a plane ticket to Australia. 

When I hear stories like that, I'm instantly reminded how anything is possible, if you prepare properly and set your mind to it.  

Okay so here's my best tips for spending less while you're on the road...

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#1 Book before you travel

This is particularly important if you are traveling during peak season somewhere... Europe during the summer, for example. 

Don’t leave all your bookings till the last minute.

If you know you want to do something for certain, pay for it in advance!

Start making reservations

If there's a restaurant you want to dine at or a tour company you want to travel with, book it before you even get there.

Nothing is worse than getting somewhere and having this idea that you were going to do some bucket list adventure, and you CAN'T because there’s no availability.   

THE WORST! Just ask me about Croatia...

7 smart ways to save money while traveling


#2 Budget travel to your destination

Whether it’s taking a bus, plane or train, if you’re willing to cut some costs -  go with a budget transport measure; this can be a massive cash saver.

The flight to your destination might end up being the most expensive part of your entire trip, but it doesn't have to be.

I recommend surfing  Sky Scanner to compare flights or Rome2Rio for booking travel measures by land.  

Check out my post here on how to find cheap flights on Sky scanner.

Rome2Rio is a website that will give all options bus, train and car pool.

Sky Scanner is a website designed to scan all available flights and bring you the cheapest one.



 #3 Avoid taxis  

Walk literally everywhere and anywhere you can!

Exploring by foot is a great way to see the city and it’s free!

Depending where you are, public transport options are a excellent resource to take advantage of, especially in Europe!

Taking the metro or train is always an easy way to get around at an affordable price.

If scooters are popular where you're going, renting a scooter is a great way to get around, as long as you feel safe doing so! 

Take an Uber in cities you can. Taxis are overpriced and when you’re a tourist, who’s to say what they might try to charge you!


#4 Planning where to stay

You can save S0000 much money depending on where you decide to sleep.

Personally, I find hotels to be outdated!

Now with platforms such as Airbnb at your disposal, it blows my mind people still choose to stay in hotels!

When there's options to have a private house, villa, apartment all to yourself! 


If your budget is tighter than that, or you're traveling solo? Stay at a hostel! This is one of the cheapest ways to stay abroad. 

It’s also detrimental to having experience's with other people while you’re away...

It’s unfortunately harder to meet people any other way, unless you’re traveling with a tour company.

Save even more by snagging a place that has a kitchen so you can cook meals for yourself.

Don’t be stuck having to dine out every meal because you don’t have the option to cook.

Pick accommodation with a kitchen, or at the very least a small kitchenette station with a fridge. (if you are staying at a hostel confirm before booking if they have a kitchen for guest to use.)  

7 smart ways to save money while traveling

Compare prices on sites before booking.

The official site of a hotel/hostel may have a better deal to book directly through their site, instead of a third-party. 

My two favourite resources for booking accommodation are:

Hostel world



#5 Deciding where/what to eat 

Always ask at check-in time if your hostel, Airbnb, or hotel offers complimentary breakfast. If this is the case, cash in on it.

Also, it doesn't hurt to ask if they offer special discounts to their guests at nearby restaurants. 

Avoid eating in the super touristy areas … it’s GOING to be more expensive.

Search Groupon or Airbnb to see if there’s any deals on dining out experiences that might be worth doing.

Balance between eating out and cooking meals.

You’ll save HEAPS weekly if you decide to make yourself meals. Grab a bottle of wine and make it a fun night in.

Eat local foods that are in season!

A great way to try native foods for a very cheap is to eat what’s in season!

In the summer time there's fig’s in Croatia everywhere, for cheap-cheap, and sooo delicious! 

Pick foods from the grocery store that don’t parish easily.

Strategically eat all your perishables items first, and leave foods that travel well for snacks when you’re on the road.

Also, plan your meal's accordingly while you’re shopping, to avoid having extra food in the fridge that goes to waste.

A few ideas for food that travel well are...

  • Carrots or zuchinni slices

  • Nuts

  • Chips & crackers

  • Grocery store ready to eat meals

  • Apples

  • Ready to eat canned foods

  • Protein bars

  • Granola

  • Dried fruit


  • Pre-cooked vegetables (they get super soggy)

  • Lettuce, salads

  • Putting salt on your food prior to traveling (makes the food sweat, carry it on the side)

  • Cooked meat or fish

  • Dairy products

  • Soft fruits


7 smart ways to save money while traveling

#6 Shopping

Ask a local where they would shop.

They may even direct you to a friend, or relative’s store where they can ensure you get a good price, because they’re grateful you’re taking your business to them.  

Always count your change!

Especially when it's a different currency it’s so important to know how much change you should get back.

If you don’t know how much… it’s a good idea to spend a little time educating yourself on the conversion rate.

Download an app to help you! I like EX conversion app!


#7 Activities


Research online and search up what free activities exist.

Or, spend time spontaneously exploring and see where the day takes you!

Price check before you go

If you know beforehand the price of activities you want to do you will have a much better idea of what your budget will need to be.

Doing this also gives you time to do proper research, read reviews on which tours other traveller’s say are worth doing, and which ones aren’t.

Booking tours with hostels always tend to be the most inexpensive route.

Also, don’t be scared to ask for a deal!

When booking with a travel agency, if you’re buying several tours - they CAN definitely make a special offer happen for you. 

That Blonde Bikini Girl

I hope you found this post helpful, safe travels! Hopefully now you can spend less along the way too!