How you can prevent and treat food poisoning when you're traveling



Street food is an essential part of travel and experiencing other cultures. One should not street clear of trying local eats out of fear.

Knowing what to look for and, how to take care of yourself is key...

How you can easily prevent food poisoning when you're traveling


**Disclaimer** This post should not replace actual medical advice (duh) Listen to your own body and when in doubt, seek out medical attention. 


Prevention measure to follow 


  • Clean your cutlery before you eat. Carry around baby wipes helps too.

  • Look for food that is hot and steaming.

  • Drink safe water and ice.

  • Be dairy ware by making sure you don’t eat dairy unless it’s stored in a cool environment.

  • Eat street food during peak times, and when there’s a crowd.

  • Eat where the women and children are eating.

  • Pick fruits and vegetables at the markets with peels (or that can easily be boiled)


How to manage food poisoning 


  • Stay hydrated, drink as much water as possible.

  • Drink electrolytes, or coconut water to help rehydrate.

  • Keep your body temperature low. Place a cool wet cloth on your forehead.

  • Rest, and stay off all alcohol.

  • Stick to bland foods, and dairy that could upset your stomach further.

  • Top up on probiotics.


Seek medical attention if a fever, or diarrhea lasts longer than 72 hours. At that point, it’s time take action. Get your hands on an antibiotic and, flush the virus out.