The ultimate guide to making new friends when you’re traveling solo

How to meet people traveling solo

I know how difficult it can be thinking about going on a solo adventure..

You really want to go somewhere but, you have no one to go with?

You're like, "Shit. I'm just going to go by myself!" But then you wonder, "Oh, no. Am I going to be alone the whole time? How will I make friends? Like, where the hell am I going to meet people??!"

These are the 6 proven to work ways you can meet people shamelessly when you are traveling abroad solo.

#1 Travel with a tour group

A definite way to ensure you make new friends when you travel is by doing so with a tour group.

Spending 24/7 with the same people undeniably creates a bond with them.

Hello, new Facebook requests! No need to wait for your BFF to travel with you when you're about to make some new ones!!! As cheesy as that sounds, it's so true! I have met some amazing friends this way, that I still communicate with to this day. It's so amazing to see how their doing on social media today too.

#2 Join a day excursion/tour with a group

If you don't like the idea of traveling with the same people the entire time you're away, you might want to consider booking a few tours and doing the rest on your own!

I always, I mean ALWAYS meet people on tours. This option gives you to opportunity to be social and get away, and do your own thing at the end of the day.

#3 Stay in hostels (it’s not as bad as people make them out to be!)

It’s really just a massive social playground…

It's a no brainer, you got to do it if you're traveling alone!

It's not about staying in dorm rooms, it about the social aspect AND it's also the cheapest option if you're alone.

This is the easiest ways to meet people from all over the world. Hostels are a great pick because you can count on the people sleeping next to you to do the fun activities with.

Bonus: Hostels are also notorious for hosting fun nights out and free day tours.

#4 Download a few FREE travel networking apps

Technology today for travel is such a great thing! Two apps I'm going to highlight that will allow you to connect with like minded without even having to really put yourself out there.

It is shameless self promotion and you can always meet new people and get involved with hostels, events using some of the most recent features! Backpackr (without the E ) and Tourlina.

This is great if you're a female and you just want to connect with other females. Or, if you want to specifically find someone who wants to do an activity that you have your mind on, this is a great way to do it.

#5 Join a meet up

Whether it's a meet up group in your nich, fitness, running group or a local meet up in the park… this is a fun way to find people you think you might vibe with! Do a little research online by heading to and see what's happening around you.

#6 Utilize the power of Social Media

Not only have I met SO many of you through Instagram and Facebook but it truly is such an awesome way to connect with likeminded people! Enter location tags and relevant hashtags to find people you can connect with!

Here is a few of my favourite Facebook groups for connecting with other travellers!

Honestly, I say this time and time again, the best thing about traveling and being out there on your own is that you are NEVER REALLYY alone. Everyone is in the same position as you!

Traveling a foreign country can feel a little uncomfortable. However, JUST REMEMBER… No matter how savvy a traveller may appear (myself included)… We’re all just out here trying to wing it along the way too!

People just want to connect with other people and relate with them and share their experiences. Never worry that you will be alone. I promise if you just put yourself out there a little bit, you will make friends.

6 of the best ways to meet people as a female traveling solo