How to get Bikini-Bod Ready in less than 20 days

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After popular demand, I am spilling all about, the cleanse I recently did to reset my hormones, gut health and, reduce low grade inflammation that was a constant struggle I was dealing with everyday for the past 9 months… (It’s been tough!)

Background to WHY I did this Cleanse..

After going to a naturopathic doctor and discovering I was suffering from MAJOR hormonal issues (my estrogen levels were abnormally low)

 I began to realized a lot of my issues came down the imbalanced hormones and gut bacteria I was struggling with mainly because of my diet and lifestyle choices.. being

  • stress

  • overeating

  • nutrient deficient

Desperate for a fix, I stumbled across a YouTuber with the same issues as me, she said this cleanse helped her tremendously

Feeling overwhelmed and defeated, I thought what do I have to loose in 10 days? If I can help improve my quality of life & health – I’M IN.


About the 10-day cleanse

It’s a 10 day plant based diet, which includes a list of supplements provided in the package + a superfood “power shake” that’s nutrient-dense to keep you from feeling fatigued throughout the 10 days.  

There’s also a list of “flex foods”, which can be up to a cup of the foods within the guidebook & you can also eat unlimited cucumber and celery.


Protip: If you have an air fryer, use it to cook your cucumber and celery, it made my experience and enjoyment one thousand times more pleasant.


The cleanse comes with an entire guide to everything you can eat, to when you can eat it, Including when you can consume your “power shake” and what time to take the supplements provided.


Workouts on the cleanse?

Are limited to walking, yoga and very light exercise because keep in mind your body is not consuming enough calories to perform heavy endurance exercise.


Signs it may be time for you to go on a cleanse…


If you suffer from the following symptoms below.

a 10 day cleanse can be JUST WHAT YOU NEED to reset your gut health, hormones or any other chronic fatigue, pain, or inflammation you might be dealing with.


Including the following warning signs..

  • Constant bloating after meals

  • Gas

  • Constant fatigue

  • Poor Sleeping habits

  • Feeling “puffy” chronic inflammation

  • Constant desire to over-eat

  • Mood swings

  • Constantly feeling ‘full” half-emptied.


SO… What my results were like?


Day 1 was hard having been a caffeine addict my entire like it seem like, giving up coffee or other caffeinated beverages was a struggle – I was in bed by 7:30PM.


Day 2 wasn’t as difficult but still hard.


Day 3 was when everything started to feel better, I began to feel my energy level rising and my stomach was the flattest it had been in a VERY LONG TIME.


Day 4 I was loving the results, I felt excited to keep going, I could wait to see what my transformation would be like at the end of it.


Day 5 to Day 10 I felt;  clear headed, light, vibrant and my sleep were the best they had ever been! I was sleeping like a baby and my morning were no longer a drag to get out of bed.   

If I would it again.

I have continued to apply a lot of the same habits and practices I learned from the guidebook into my everyday life.

Would I do it again - YES.

When? I’m going to incorporate this cleanse into my life every 3 months. I think it’s a helpful way to reset your gut microbiome, and give your digestive system a small break, without feeling starved or deprived like intermediate fasting tends to do to me.


What you can expect. 

Expect to not feel like yourself for the first 2 days, push through it, remember WHY you’re doing it, and I promise it will get easier, the more you stick with it. The results speak for themselves.

   Discount code?

Because I’m writing this post to share with you my journey, I did reach out to the company to see if they could offer anyone interested in doing the cleanse too – a discount code and… THEY SAID YES!


I lost 5 pounds!

current weight

126 pounds

at 5’7 ft tall.



Use code: TBBG for $100 off your order

Honestly, I don’t care if you use my code or not, I do make a small commission off your purchase however, that’s NOT why I’m writing this post, I did this solely for myself, and decided to share because I had such great results.


Have a question or concern about Purium 10 day cleanse or maybe I didn’t address an important discussion you think should be talked about?


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