LIFESAVER tips to follow when booking online to ensure you don't get SCAMMED!

Tips to booking online to avoid scams

Okay who else has feared when booking your travel plans online that the website you’ve chosen might not be legit? I know I have…Scary right?!

Personally…I have not been scammed (yet) but, I have heard stories of people waiting at the airport, completely shattered when they find out that the airline they thought they were flying with has no reservation for them. They eventually find out that they were scammed online through some kind of  fraudulent website.

I have gathered together the best tips to help you dodge one of those stressful- SCAMMY- situations.

I can only imagine what'd it be like to have a whole vacation planned and to not even be able to board your flight!

#1 Pay with your credit card

Using a credit card instead of a debit card when you're booking helps protect your money in two ways…

a.) Cyber criminals don't have access to your actual bank account

b.) You're protected from fraud and you can claim back any money that's stolen if this happens to you, contacting your Credit company right away so they can nip it in the butt and get you your money back - quickly!

#2 Book directly through first-party websites.

If the website looks dodgy, take a minute to look and see if you can find the same deal/ price directly through a more reputable company.

#3 Read the reviews!

If there's a scam going on, most likely you're not the first person it's happened to — See what others are saying online.

If you're on Airbnb or other condo rental sites and there's no reviews, well that's TOTALLY questionable and, I advised against booking that property.

Seeing testimonials is a great way to verify the credentials of the place you're looking at,

#4 Take recommendations from trusted travel sites or sources —Ask me!

Reach out to people who have been to where you're headed, asking for advice on where you should stay.

If you're uncertain about a company, it's legitimacy, always check with the Better Business Bureau.

#5 Follow up with the company after you book

A quick way to guarantee your reservation is valid is by a follow up call or email. If they can’t locate your reservation code contact your credit card company straight away!

Tips to follow when booking online to ensure you don't get scammed

Here’s a few LEGIT booking platforms that are AMAZING for scoring yourself a REAL deal!

Transport by land



There you go! Those are my 5 BEST tips for avoiding scams online.

A little mental checklist you can use every single time you're booking a place online, ensuring your putting your hard earned money in the right pockets!