How to avoid feeling sweaty and bothered in hot climates


If you're reading this then you've probably experienced an uncomfortable, sweaty moment or two while you’re traveling. I know I’ve had plenty!

tips for sweatiness when traveling

Tropical destinations are great! I just wish I could leave the hot and bothered situations behind! 

The never-ending line of sweat coming down my back is hard to get off my mind, when I'm trying to take in a gorgeous view!

Here's 9 ways you can avoid the stress of feeling sticky and gross, when all you want is to look like a flawless, wander-lusty traveller! 


#1 Get yourself a hand fan 

... or you can take it to the next level and carry around a water mister. A hand fan saves the freakin' day! 

My beloved one from Santorini goes every destination with me! Life changing on a bus ride with poor air conditioning - I tell ya! 


#2 Light weight clothing 

Think cotton or silk. The lighter the fabric the easier air can travel through. (Especially when it comes to your underwear!)


#3 Loose fitted clothing 

This is an absolute must! LIKE... no one wants sweat stains aggressively showing through their clothes. Keep it loose, and you won't have to worry about wet spots on your back (at least not as much.) 


#4 Skip wearing a hat 

In my experiences traveling in 30+ degrees... A hat makes your head overly hot, which results in making your head/hair super sweaty... it's just gross. Skip it if you want to keep the hair looking fresh and dry. 


#5 Pack minimal 

Nothing like carrying around a heavy ass bag on your back when it's hot AF outside! 

Do you actually need all that shit? If not, minimize before you head out for the day. 


#6 Skip hot beverages 

Iced coffee it is! 


# 7 Stay hydrated 

This should almost be #1

Nothing compares to a cold refreshments to cool you down on a stinking hot day! Take care of yourself and drink a lot of liquids (the good for you kind!) 


#8 Tie your hair up 

You're sweatin'' and obviously becoming irritable... Throw your hair up. So simple but, it works wonders when you need a little rescue from the heat. 


#9 Carry baby wipes 

LEGIT. So refreshing to wipe your skin, if you've been sweating all day. Yes, washing your hands would be ideal but what if you can't?


Okay there you have it! 

What's your go-to?

Did I miss anything that you swear by?