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The Top Travel Trends for Female Millennials

Reports show that more females than ever before are adventuring the world, in search of culture-rich experiences with epic photos for social media posting, to prove it. Travels that promise memories to last a lifetime.

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Why every woman should make travel a MAJOR priority in their 20's

Why every women should make traveling a major priority in their youth.

It’s worth the investment, here’s why!

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How to keep your face looking it’s best while you’re traveling: Products + Practices & Packing Tips I swear by

Insider list to the creme de la creme of cosmetic products, that are my GO-TO for flawless, everyday look. & The best travel skincare routine + practices to beat the ‘travel breakout’

I got-chu gir!

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5 reasons why traveling can heal your broken heart

Break ups can be tough, and sometimes feel like time is standing still. My recommendation is to TRAVEL! In return, I can promise you this, your broken heart will be nothing more than a mere distant, memory, of the past.

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8 Low budget ways you can truly stay fit while you're traveling

My expert guide to staying lean and healthy on vacation. Tips that will even let you come back from vacation fitter than when you left!

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How you can prevent and treat food poisoning when you're traveling

Quick tips to how you can enjoy street food safely and stay smart about it. A Guide to picking the right foods at certain times, in the best places. Also, what you can do if your unfortunate enough, to be stuck with the stomach bug.

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7 careers that let you pursue your passion and travel the world

This post discusses how you can work from anywhere around the world while living out your passion!

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10 essentials to survive your long flight

The best items you can pack for surviving your international flight. Don’t let sitting for ages drive you cray.

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