7 Essential tips that will keep you safe & smart when traveling solo

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Truth is, bad things can happen anywhere in the world, but I'll be honest with you... Having the imaginary "I'm a  tourist" label written across your foreign looking face comes with the territory of being a prime target for associated crime.  

However! I promise if you follow these 7 tips you'll be just fine!


solo travel tips

#1 Download Google offline maps 

Even if you don’t have internet your phone can always tell where you are. Navigate your way to where you need to go with confidence. Don’t make yourself a target holding your phone around unsure what direction is right.

Perfect for when you’re in a taxi, you can follow the map to make sure the driver is actually taking you to the right place.


#2 Don't make yourself a target 

If you have a brand new camera or phone, guard it. A smart idea is covering the labels with duck tap on your camera, making it look worn & torn.  

Be cautious when takin pictures near traffic, because it's common for professional thieves on motorbikes to snatch phones so quickly, before you never know what just happened.


solo travel tips

#3 Pack light 

You’re alone traveling, you want to be as independent as humanly possible.

Carrying around a lot of shit means...
A.) Puts yourself at higher risk for targeted crime. 
B.) makes it harder on yourself to move quickly when needed.

#4 Outsmart robbers 

If you’re worried about being robbed, wear a fake piece of jewelry.

When you go into busy streets, keep your hand on your bag at all times, making it less likely to  be grabbed by a bag snatcher.

#5 Have copies of your passport 

This is the last thing you want to loose. Take it from me, it sucks! If it happens make the process of getting a new one is fast by having copies ready.

Carry a hard copy in your luggage and a backup stored online somewhere you feel it’s safe.

solo travel tips

#6 Invest in staying safe 

The walk down the road might only be 5 minutes, but is risking your safety worth paying for a 5$ taxi ride?

These are purchases worth spending the extra  money on.

#7 Never lose sight of your belongings 

If you’re wearing a backpack and getting on the metro, swing your backpack around and wear it on the front of you.

Don’t keep anything in front pockets, those are the easiest to access. Have your stuff hidden. 90% of stolen items are in places that are very convenient for thieves to swipe