7 careers that let you pursue your passion and travel the world


You’ve been bit by the travel bug, and you don’t want to wait for your vacation days to kick in to travel the world. You want to explore the world as your job instead. (I feel you!)

Here we're talking strictly about the BEST roles for your creative side. Have your shot at making a full-time business out of what you would be doing in your spare time anyway. 

These are in my opinion (duh) the absolute best jobs you can do from anywhere around the world.. 

The best careers & jobs for traveling the world for a living


#1 Social Media Influencer

Otherwise known as Content Creator 

Building an audience, can convert to $$$ when you're talking about brands partnerships....How so? Well, when you're a social media influencer, it typically means making money discussing products you enjoy, from anywhere around the world.. Welcome to the world of social, where being popular means cash-money!

Live your passion and travel the world for a living


#2 Food Critic 

What if your job meant traveling the world trying the tastiest dishes the world has to offer?

A foodies dream come true? I would think so. Yes!

Study hard and get yourself a bachelors degree in writing, journalism or communications. Now hows that for SERIOUS food for thought!



#3 Blogger/ Vlogger

Building a community through a blog or YouTube channel is one way to make revenue by simply talking about topics in your life you would already be talking about anyway! 

Many niche topics have created full-time (successful) careers for digital nomads all over. 

Most familiar niches are: Beauty, Travel, Fitness, Lifestyle, Food, and Fashion. 

Imagine this... Traveling and, being paid to share you're experiences staying at luxury resorts and, swimming with baby sharks in the Bahamas. (I can't even!)



#4 Yoga, Dance, or Fitness Instructor 

You could open your own studio, work on a cruise ship, partner with hotels, retreats or brands in your niche. Whatever suits you!

The options are definitely there!

I know a fellow Canadian who moved to Bali and opened his own CrossFit studio and he hasn't looked back since, and he's just one of countless others doing this very same thing!

how to travel the world doing what you love



#5 Surf, Scuba or Ski Instructor 

If you are an adventure seeker who loves exploring the great outdoors, why not monetize it?

Work on a private yacht teaching diving lessons in the South Pacific.

Opening up a surf lessons shop in Costa Rica.  

Spend years bouncing around the best ski slopes on the globe.

People are really doing it, if you've invested in a talent like this one, I suggest you get serious about it! 



#6 Freelance (anything) 

Do you work job to job?

No need to stay in one place. If you have a business in photography or videography why not relocate? There are so many opportunities to use your talent and travel ... An idea would be to contact Tourism Boards around the globe. 





#7 Tour Guide

Would you consider yourself an expert about somewhere in the world?

If your answer is yes. Consider making a living showing other tourists WHY you love that destination greatly.

Start your own tour. Share your memorable experiences by helping others create their own. 

Start up easy with options for day tours on hosts like AirBnB 


**Disclaimer** None of these options will be handed to anyone. Each requires a dedicated amount of work. 


Okay now I need to know (being a blogger here!) 

What is your passion, and which career option would you choose to travel the world while doing what you love?