5 reasons why traveling can heal your broken heart


I was inspired to write this post after strongly recommending to a friend that she spend a year traveling, after hearing her go on about her relationship that ended 6 months ago.

I’m telling you

Nothing will take away your broken-heart-misery faster, than traveling can.  

I’ve personally been through it. At 20 years old I was still hung up on my first love break up from 2 YEARS ago (how embarrassing) Shortly after, I went on a serious soul search and spent 14 months abroad.

I returned home and quite frankly… didn’t think about him once while I was away. The thought of missing that relationship was LONG gone.

I’ve never looked back since.

Traveling changes you… in so many educating ways.

Here are the most defining ways you’ll benefit. Say goodbye to your past, while discovering an exciting new part of your life.

How traveling can heal a broken heart


#1 It’s a huge distraction 

Nothing is going to move your life along faster like being preoccupied 24/7 With so much on the go, you’ll have no time to worry about anything but, yourself, and all the exciting things going on around you!

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#2 No emotional reminders everywhere

Putting yourself in a new environment means you wont be overwhelmed every second with the places, things and, moments that remind you of the past/that person. Which ultimately makes it so much easier to move forward in life. 

How traveling can heal your broken heart

 #3 Makes you mentally stronger 

After experience a lifetime of adventure abroad, I can promise you this, you’ll come back a changed person. Life will have advanced so far in new direction. There’s no turning back.  

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#4 The realization of how many fish in the sea there actually is

It’s easy when your BFF tells you that, after a break up, but, when you’re out there in the crowded big-wide-world. You definitely experience it! You’re going to meet so many new people on the road, it’s going to be hard to even keep up at times.

You’ll be thinking…  “Like wow, how did I ever think he/she could be the only one for me?'“

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#5 Forces you to focus on yourself 

It’s easy when you’re in a relationship to focus/put their priorities before your own. Not now, this time it’s about you. Especially if you’ve never had to do anything completely on your own before. Traveling will show you that it IS possible in every way, to not only get by, but, get it done — on your own! 

How traveling can heal your broken heart

 Have you been on the fence about traveling for some mental clarity? 

Maybe you recently experience a tough break up? Or, you’re still hung up on the past?

I can honestly say, traveling can change all those negative emotions for you.

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 Did you travel after a break up? 

I know this is a personal subject however, if you’re willing to share. I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!