The biggest fears about traveling and how you can overcome them


It’s completely normal to have concerns about the unknown associated with traveling. Whether it’s a solo trip, tour group, or you and your best mate going off on an adventure abroad together…

The fears that lurk behind in our minds, can feel so overwhelming at times. I know! For me personally, I always stress about the money factor… Do I have enough to pay my rent, bills and afford this vacation?

Then I have Grandma at the Sunday dinner table telling me, how “unsafe” the destination is I’m planning to visit.

Like, sorry Gran, but I’m not going to listen to you. Why? Because, the more I travel, the more I know, everything is never what they say it is back home, over seas.

One day, the opportunity to come and go as you please may not be there. So, why wait?

Common fears about traveling and how to overcome them


Here are the most common fears, and why we will NOT let them stop us!

#1 Getting outside of your comfort zone  

Anxiety and doubt can take over if you let it. You will have many fearful questions but you gotta remember, THEY NOT REAL. Your fears only exists in your mind!

There are over a million travel related sites, blogs, discussion forums to hold your hand step-by-step along the way. You can make your itinerary, find about places of interest, what to avoid, and where to try the best food.. All answered at the click of your fingertips.

Research before your trip. It will get you hyped and excited about your trip, instead of feeling anxious about what you don’t know.

Here you can use my best tips for staying safe & traveling smart on your next trip.

most common fears of traveling and how to overcome them


#2 The Fear of the unknown, what if?

You’re afraid what might happen when you’re away.

It sure would be nice to go to Thailand, and explore for a few weeks but, you’re busy.

You think that everything might fall apart while you’re gone. 

Noooooo. Instead, think of the positive aspects of travelling. You will always find 10 more reasons to do it, rather than not. Go and forget about the fear of leaving home.

Everything will sort itself out — it always does!

#3 The language barrier 

Not being understood in a foreign country, where a small percentage of people speak your language, can lead to unpleasant situations — even trouble.

By downloading google translate app you can easily make your way around these troubling times. With the internet at our fingertips it’s very easy to get your point across now-a-days.

Remembering a few basic sentences can avoid 85% of complications.

When in absolute doubt, tune into the body language of the person you’re trying to connect with.


#4 The fear of feeling lonely

This was a massive insecurity of mine before my first trip.

What no one tells you is… how many people are out there, just like you, traveling AND totally WINGING IT TOO!

Groups, solo, couple travellers.. Literally all walks of life are out there just trying to “figure it out” and you can bet each of them are eager to share their tips/experiences with open arms.

There’s an answer for almost everything on the internet. Use it to connect with other travellers or in hostels, tours or meet up events.

Click here for my Instagram Highlight Reel Solo Tips for the best places to meet people on your solo trip!  

#5 Not being able to afford it or running out of money while you’re gone

Many people have a fear of spending all of their money on a trip because of unexpected costs/poor planning.

So I suggest, while you’re preparing for the trip and planning the budget, top the amount with 25% more, just to be safe incase an expense comes up unexpectedly (In my experience this ALWAYS happens) Plan your over-budget beforehand.

Click here for my free travel planner, the ultimate resource to planning your vacation & budget, stress-free!

If you struggle with saving those dollars, it won’t hurt chaaa to follow my easy tips, on how you can save money fast by living through a minimalist lifestyle here xx


“And then there is the most dangerous risk of all - The risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.”.jpg

Can you relate to any of these fears? I know I’ve experienced them all more than a few times!

Or maybe, I missed something that you believe should be on my list.

Comment below I would love to hear from you xx