5 genius ways to travel when you're flat broke


We all wanna know HOW they do it! 3-6 month long trips!? Who dis!?

All while paying rent back home, and all the other bills & things life won’t let us forget about.

Well, I may have cracked the code…. I think anyways…

Here are 5 genius ways you can afford to navigate your dream destination(s) even, when, you’re broke as a collage kid. You ready?

  1. Housesitting or Petsitting

Yas!!! You heard it here first!

I was inspired to put this in after meeting an English man in Cambodia doing exactly this! He was renting his own apartment on Airbnb (living off that income) and staying abroad FOR FREE by house-sitting. I asked him what platform he used (listed below.)

I can only imagine what some of these homes look like….

Here are 3 of the BEST websites to play MTV cribs on.


Use your skills in exchange for FREE room & board.

What I would do is before you pick a destination say Australia for example… Email a list of hostels and hotel and, pitch yourself… Pitch your skills whether it’s cleaning, graphic design or whatever else you’re gifted with.. and offer to work in exchange for room & meals.

It is a REAL thing I’ve met being in hostels doing just this.


Rent your pad out on Air BnB while you’re on vacay

If you’re okay with someone else getting cozy in your spot (i know for some this can be an issue) Why wouldn’t you make money while you sleep rather than letting that space stay empty! Turn your place into profits… it’s a no-brainer if you ask me!

A brilliant way to finance your ENTIRE trip without even spending a penny from your savings.

The man who own the place I stayed at in London rented the other 3 rooms out in his house and and said goodbye to working a 9-5pm all together.



Work Remote

Digital jobs are the future. Bosses don’t mind as long as the work is getting DONE, right? Find a way to cultivate your skills so, you don’t have to physically be there to do the work needed.


Work exchange

Nurses, teachers, fitness instructors, bartenders, flight attendants, web designers, bartenders, scuba instructors… JUST to name a few.

If your job is one that is being done somewhere else around the world… why not work abroad?

Wanna know how I moved and worked abroad in Australia?

Have a suggestion, thought or amazing idea for how you can travel the world when your bank account is saying hell - NO. .. .I wanna hear it, share your thoughts below!