30 things to Do Before You're 30 Travel Bucket List

30 things to do before you're 30 travel bucket list

Being a millennial can be both special and scary at the same time, especially since it is a generation that is slowly drifting towards its 30s and 40s. If you fall in this age group, you may feel anxious; as if the time to do fun things is running out. However, the truth is that age is just a number, and you will actually love this journey into the third decade of your life, if you make the most of what you have now.Go skinny dipping.

  1. Eat from a street food cart.

  2. Catch the sunrise from a mountain top.

  3. Travel solo.

  4. Try a food you’ve never heard of.

  5. Snorkel somewhere exotic.

  6. Stay in a hostel.

  7. Volunteer overseas.

  8. Ask the locals for advice.

  9. Swim in the ocean.

  10. Take only a backpack’s worth of stuff.

  11. Walk on a beach at sunset.

  12. Explore a jungle.

  13. Learn a new language.

  14. Cliff jump somewhere beautiful.

  15. Work abroad.

  16. Do a multi-day hike with a guide.

  17. Rent a moped and explore the countryside.

  18. Take a boat cruise to an island.

  19. Kiss a stranger.

  20. Drink good tequila.

  21. Shop local markets.

  22. Do something you’re scared of.

  23. Buy a one-way ticket.

  24. Go to a full-moon party.

  25. Travel with a complete group of strangers (retreat, tour, randoms you meet in a hostel)

  26. Sleep in, and don’t feel guilty about it.

  27. Meet the locals and learn about their lives.

  28. Drink a beer with a stranger - more than once.

  29. Make a list of 10 must-see places and start planning.

  30. Go to them - now! 

  31. Photograph your adventures, and inspire others.

The list could honestly go on forever, however I believe these 30 are some of the best things you can do while abroad to enhance your experiences. Ready for your next experience over-seas? Don’t hesitate to download this FREE guide to saving money quickly, these tips will legit help you save fast so you can afford your dream travel destination in 60 days!

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30 things to do before you're 30 travel edition