3 tips to save money straight way once you leave the airport

3 hacks to save money before leaving to the airport

Here’s the tips that can save you cash simply by packing & preparing properly.. There’s no special blueprint, just a few easy to remember tips!

  1. Pack Snacks

well that was easy…

Almost anything besides canned food can be brought onto a flight! Hit up the grocery store before your trip & stock up on your fav treats!

2. TSA approve all your carry on items

This can save you time & money! showing up prepared when you go through security. Remember makeup, liquids & creams all count! rebottling them under 100ml’s before you flight, I’ve had a few things thrown out before! expensive items too! Make sure they can fit into a large sized Zip-loc bag!

3. Bring your own water bottle

You wanna stay hydrated on your flight & also avoid the mark up for buying a water bottle in the airport! Buy a cute one & make it chic to drink your water the entire time you travel! (most airports have free filtered water stations)

Airport money saver hacks!

  • I love taking extra stevia packets from Starbucks & carrying them in my purse (also if you download the StarBucks app you’re eligible for FREE coffee refills.)

  • Carry a sarong in your carry on, this is so multi-purpose and perfect for blanket, or getting comfy at the airport.

  • You can board with 100ml liquor bottles (if you wanna enjoy a little bevy on the plane for FREE) just be sneaky!

  • Bring your own headphones & download Netflix offline downloads to your mobile device!

3 hacks to help you save money before you leave for the airport

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