Insider tips to saving money while traveling Fiji

  • Bula is hello and welcome in Fijian. Use this term to greet everyone and anyone you cross paths with.


  • Studies have proven that Fijians are the happiest people on earth! I can attest to it... Fijian’s LOVE LIFE. I thought Canada was the friendliest country but, I was wrong... hands down Fiji is! You will never experience a more welcoming hello at any other airport in the world.


  • If you decide to book any excursions by aware of the hotel tour companies or anyone with broachers, they receive incentives for selling certain products. SO, just know you can’t always take their advice honestly... I suggest seeking other travelers for genuine advice.


  • Buy snacks that travel well in the local supermarket in Nadi before heading to the islands. This supermarket doesn’t have loads but it has more than you’ll find on the islands (and it’s cheaper.) Tip: Go to the traditional market for the best fruit & vegetables - the earlier in the morning the better.


  • Book your transfers to the islands as soon as you can, boats can fill up fast in high season. If you know you want to travel to multiple islands getting a Bula-Bula pass is your best bet. Refer to my post here for my details on hopping islands.


  • When you book your accommodation in Nadi request an airport transfer with your hostel/ hotel prior to arriving, majority of the time they will pick you up for no extra charge.


  • There is no gender specific term in Fiji, he/she.. is same-same but no different! 😜 Don't be offended if you get referred to as the opposite sex, it’s not intended to insult you!


  • bring MOSQUITO repellant, that is all! 😳



  • Try to avoid planning activities on Sundays because practically everyone will be at church. Sundays are considered a day of rest in Fiji… and I mean that.


  • Life runs on “Fiji time” yes this is a REAL thing. I waited over 40 minutes for my transfer one day like it was no issue. I couldn’t even be mad because the guide showed up in such high spirits... I was like "Okay, whatever!"

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