Cafes in Bali that you need to be on your foodie bucket list

where to eat in Canggu Bali


I'm not going to lie to you, a few days in Bali, all I did, was scooter up and down the road eating FOOOD!

I could easily spend a few weeks there just stuffing my face. 

I didn't include the traditional Balinese food spots because, honestly, you can't really go wrong picking those places.

Add some `gado-gado' sauce on your dish and anything on your plate  would be yummy! 

(gado-gado is a traditional peanut satay sauce) the Balinese know what's up! 

Just when I tried somewhere new and think it can’t get any better, another place would pop onto my radar.

Almost everywhere I went was recommended to me by some other traveller I met.

Bali is a health nut's paradise with food for every dietary request you can imagine.

The gluten free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian options are very ending... 

There was a lot to choose from, but I narrowed it down here for ya! Here are the ones that left the most lasting impression.


@The Shady Shack

It's easy to miss so keep your eyes peeled, located on the side of a back road. The shady shack is a CUTTTTEE - AF. Outdoor restaurant  set in the middle of a beautiful garden. Serving up unique vegetarian dishes made with premium ingredients. A place where eating healthy is delicious and fun. 



 @The Spicy Coconut

I stopped in here at least once a week!

I could not stay away!

They served the most delicious vegan food I've ever had. period. Stop in here for VEGAN eggs & toast that just might change your life! 

The vegan treats in the fridge, like the salted caramel donut balls should not be avoided either 😬



@Motion Café

This cafe seriously understands the word dietary needs! The owner offers custom diet plans and fitness routines. From paleo options to gluten and dairy free - this cafe specializes in it all. The savoury sweet potato waffles is a must, seriously you'll die without 🙄



@Vida Cafe

Unique dishes with fine ingredients, I loved the energy about this place super relaxing and chill. The shakes are super tasty and so was the Vida power bowl! 



@Sprout Cafe

This place is ADORABLE and such a great value for the quality and quantity you get!

They serve fantastic avocado toast and the option to pick the trio of salad's is the way to go.. because every salad on the menu is amazeeeee-ing! They know, so they won't make you choose just one! 



@Crate Cafe

This place is an experience on it's own! 

You come here for the hangover meal on a Monday morning after spending the night at a Sunday session at Deus!

Trust me, you'll be so grateful I told you to.

It's a full house till it closes for a reasons. They have a order downstairs concept to make the process of getting you your aesthetic AF. Smoothie bowl to your table as quick as possible. 

Some would say you never went to Canggu if you didn't stop and have a brekkie at Crate



@Nude café

Okay, can you just read the describing on that salad below please 😍 and tell me your month isn't watering right now?! O-M-G this place is EVERYTHING.

I was so hung over one day and all I did was eat.... here.

The brownie at this place cannot be f**kd with. GET IT! 



@Peloton Superfood Shop

A cafe that's all about minimal impact on the world. I support that!

Experience tasty food that's ridiculously good for you too! Plant based taco's for every vegan's dream dish, or try the veggie burger cause I bet you'll never have better. 

 I also can't forget to mention that Instagram hottie @gypsea_lust frequents here often when she's home in Bali.. So yes, I would say this place is a big deal! 




@Monsieur Spoon

A French bakery that will tempt your desire to maintain a beach body in every way possible! 

If there's a time in Bali when you're casually craving a delicious pastry of any sorts!

Find your way here.

There's is ganache tart-thing with caramel sauce, you'll know it when you see it.. don't hesitate, PICK THAT ONE. 

IMG_0014 copy.jpg


@Cafe Organic

Are you looking for the most Instagram worthy food in all of Bali?

I would argue that this place is it!

Cafe Organic has perfected the craft of making your food so visually appealing, adding the fanciest toppings and colours. You don't even need to be hungry to want to try something from here.

It's no wonder why this food spot has almost 100k following on Instagram... people can't stay away. 



Be sure to let me know which place you liked the best, if you can even decide!