10 budget friendly destinations for your summer in europe bucket list


Does the thought of a summer in Europe sound like a dream, but also super expensive? Well, I thought that too. Until I went on a budget and was pleasantly surprised by how affordable many of the locations I ventured to actually were!  

You CAN discover every place you've been told stories about, and still live comfortably for a price as low as 30$ a day, I know right? 😍

So, Grab your squad, pack your bathing suit's, and get ready to experience the "Eurotrip" your youth has been waiting for!  

guide to planning a budget trip in Europe


Here's a list of countries that will make your summer 2018 in Europe UNFORGETTABLE ... 

#1 Croatia

Sailing in the crystal-blue Adriatic Seas, sun-soaking on secluded beaches, while hoping  islands built from coddle stone and palm-lined seafront promenades... Ugh take me back now! 😍 Whether you choose to do a sailing tour like The Yacht Week (The floating festival) I recommend Ultra Music Route in July, or island hop at your own leisure… this will be a spot in Europe that leaves an impression on your heart, like no where else.  For a detailed post about what islands to visit and how I travelled Croatia, read my post here.



#2 Greece

I might argue that you haven’t truly travelled until you’ve experienced a sunset in Santorini. No other place in Europe can compete with how beautiful, the picturesque blue and white villages covering the Greek islands are.  If you're like me, you will be wandering how you can work out staying forever. 😉 Visit a few of the most photographed beaches in the WORLD, Elafonisi, Balos and Navagio Beach are all prime enough reasons why you should book your flight today. Eat fresh Calamari, drink cheap wine, and stay for rates as low as 20$ a night. Need I say more? Check out my post here for experiences in Greece you don’t want to miss, because now I know you  must go. 😌



#3 Hungary

If you’re on a tight-budget and demand to still live like royalty in the city, this is the place you go. Budapest has a reputation of being one of the most loved cities in Eastern Europe and once you visit you will understand exactly why; stunning architecture, CHEAP cost of living, exquisite thermal baths and home to Europe’s most raved about nightlife.  You’d be seriously missing out if you don’t include Budapest in your ‘Eurotrip’ itinerary.



#4 Spain

Barcelona, Ibiza, Valencia, and Madrid.  The list kinda speaks for itself, yay?  Imagine checking out the largest city of Catalonia by day, and party till the sun rises in Barcelona’s ocean front clubs by night.  If you want the perfect combination of beach life, and exclusive parties where world renown DJ perform. Consider a trip to one or maybe ALL the major cities in Spain.   



#5 France

Who ever said you need a fortune to visit the South of France or a weekend in Paris, clearly hasn’t been there yet! Think about it, almost every site you can see in Paris is for free! I highly recommend a relaxing 5-day vacay in Nice too.  inexpensive apartment rentals make it realistic for every traveler’s budget. Nice reminds me of Laguna beach but far better because,  HELLO,  you’re in France! 😍



#6 Turkey

Prepare yourself for UNREAL cuisine you’ll never get sick of, and fashion bargains that will have you shopping till you drop because Istanbul is where the largest shopping market in Europe is. A fashion lovers paradise! Make room in your luggage for some serious steals! If that’s not your thing, how does a hot air balloon ride at sunrise, over the most majestic landscape sound? Maybe something you’ve only dreamed of doing?  Well, you can definitely make that happen in Cappadocia. HELLO INSTA PHOTOSHOOT! 😂  There's no way I would miss this, if I was you, trust me!  #bucketlistgoals



#7 Italy

Sailing around the island of Capri, wandering the streets of Vatican City in Rome, riding a gondola in Venice, AND cruising down the Amalfi Coast to spend a night in the cliff side town of Positano are JUST some of my highlights I suggest for you! Italy in the summer is THRIVING! If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a damn thing... Truthfully, it doesn't matter where you go in Italy, just make sure you do.



#8 Czech Republic

The first destination in Europe I ever went to. Prague is a no-brainer because you will experience a city equally as beautiful as other destinations like Switzerland or London but, for a fraction of the price. The sight-seeing can go on forever, which is why investing in comfy foot wear is a definite must! Oh, also, if you’re a beer lover, Prague is EVERYTHING.



#9 Montenegro

A quick bus ride from Croatia. Montenegro is captivating! The panoramic hill top views are nothing short of amazing, catch a sunset there! If you're down to have a good time I recommend stopping in Budva for a weekend filled with budget-friendly adventures. If you want a lower key vibe stick to Kotor. If you want to see both cities no worries, they’re an easy scenic coastal bus ride away from one another.  



#10 Portugal 

Medieval Castles and golden sandy beaches... Oh, yes please!! 😍  Planning a trip to the Sintra is a must – like a picture straight from your childhood fairytales! Live it up a few nights in Lisbon, and enjoy the extraordinary nightlife Portugal is known for... UM YA, everybody bring your mate's,  and let's party!



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