How to create a travel & life vision board

how to create a travel & vision board


"If there's going to be one thing you're willing to bet on, it should be yourself."


Many successful entrepreneurs talk about the power of having a vision board in their life. It's also been proven to be an effective method for helping people reach their accomplishments - I'm down with that! 

Everyone's will look different; mine is a collection of goals I'm CHASING in life and how I want to FEEL everyday. 😊


Ideas for your Boss Girl board 

Write down your biggest goals in a way that inspires and motivates you. The purpose is to bring those thoughts to life! If you want to have ONE focus on your board, or a collection of many - that’s totally your call.

Start by writing a rough sketch of all your visions that you'd like to accomplish in 2018.  You're going to be amazed at how much you write once you start thinking about it. 🤔

Visions for your boss girl future are: Career, education, relationship, home, travel, community, personal growth, health and fitness goals.

One goal I included on my board is what the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF would look like mentally, physically and emotionally.



    the supplies you want to make it boss...

    This will solely depend on how creative you choose to be. I’m a decorative person, so naturally I got all the arty bells and whistles!  

    I went on a field trip to the craft store 😉 (Michaels) where I found neat scrap book paper. I bought 2 pieces; one for goals, and the other for inspirational quotes I like to live by. I also bought a trendy sticker book loaded with boss girl quotes (My board be lookin' super sexy!) 😎The board itself can be purchased at most craft or outlet stores such as Winners or Home sense. I’m sure a dollar store would carry them too. You also can't forget a variety of colourful markers, tape or pins, and a pair of scissors.

    D.I.Y checklist

    • Board
    •  Scrap book paper 
    • Stickers, photos and quotes (recommended but optional)
    • 2-3 Markers (I chose silver & gold - obviously!)
    • Tape or pins 
    • Scissors 


    How to Design - boss girl style

    I cut my scrap book papers into 12 squares, some pieces I wrote things I wanted to achieve, and on other pieces I wrote my favourite quotes that describe how I always want to feel.

    For example boss girl quote like: 

    • “Where focus goes, energy flows.”
    •  “Replace expectation with appreciation and your life will change.”
    • “Live in emotions that are resourceful.”

    Once everything was written out and lookin' aesthetic AF 😝 I started pinning my visions to my board and decorating it by placing my quotes in-between each vision.😀


    Where to put your vision

    Your board should be placed somewhere you'll look at it EVERYDAY whether it’s at your office or home, it's location should be somewhere useful. 

    I personally have mine in my apartment hanging in the kitchen. Every morning it's a daily reminder for what I value most. I then decide what my focus is for the day, and what I can do TODAY to bring myself one step closer to my goals - even if it’s just something simple. 😊