Lifesaver Apps you need to make your travels a whole lot easier

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Now there's an app to help you do almost anything! Traveling on your own has never been easier with the resources available now. I like to think of myself as a savvy traveller but the truth is I would be lost without my iPhone. Theres a list of my go-to apps for a comfortable and stress free journey.


Pack Point


If you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before and you are unsure what to bring this app has you covered. It includes a feature to add-in what activities you’ll be doing while you’re away, such as physical exercises or nights out.   It then creates a checklist of items for you to bring. The app also requires you to indicate the country you will be traveling to, and from there it supplies a list of must haves that you probably otherwise wouldn’t have thought of.


Sky Scanner

This is an oldie, but still my favourite budget flying app.  This app is simple to navigate.  I’ve tried other apps catered to finding flight deals, and this is stil my go-to because it is efficient and easy to use.


Google Translate


If you are heading to a destination and you don’t speak the local language this app is a must! I’ve spoken about this before, struggling with the language barrier can be tough. This app allows you to type in a sentence.  It will then translate the sentence in both text and sound in the language you need.  It’s perfection!


XE Currency


It can be very confusing when a local in Indonesia says your room for the night will be 300,000 Rupiah! You begin to think you’re being ripped off! If you have this app, you’ll never struggle with trying to figure out the value in your currency.  This app is handy when trying to budget your money while you’re traveling.




This one is great, especially if you’re like me and you forget what date it is or the time zone you are in! This app acts as a travel planner and keeps you up to date with all your travel documents, including your passport details which is secured through a password safe login. Add your trip details to this app right away and you won’t ever have to look back at your e-mails or old documents trying to remember where it is.




No more wandering through the airport trying to figure out which transportation will get you to your Airbnb. Simply add in your current location and where you need to go and all the local transport options are at your disposal.


Field Trip

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A private tour guide built right into your mobile!  Teaching you about monuments and popular areas so you can learn about where you are on the go. It will even allow custom requests tailored to meet your requirements and tastes such as ice cream parlors or seafood restaurants.



This is my go-to app when it comes to booking accommodations.  If you are not an Airbnb user by now, get with the times!  I’ve never had a bad experience with Airbnb.   The cost savings are ridiculous compared to the going rates of most hotels. The app tracks all your trips and keeps you up to date with the address of where you need to go, and makes it easy to contact your host at any time.