9 Legitimate ways ANYONE can practice SAVING money QUICKLY



 I love saving money, let me guess, you too?  If you're struggling to figure out where to start.. that's okay... I got -chuuu 

I've travelled to 30 countries in 5 years without going into debt once.

There's no hidden secrets just a simple weekly strategy that anyone can follow. I use these tips and effectively save extra cash and put it straight towards my next adventure.


9 of the fastest ways you can save money quickly


#1 Download an app that can help track your spending habits

If you are new to budgeting then downloading a money tracking app might be the best tool for you.

These apps take your weekly/daily spending limit and help keep you on budget.

Providing stats that show where you're spending the most and how you can cut down.

Bill Guard, DollarBird and GoodBudget are all great ones I can think of off the top of my head.


#2 Opt in and subscribe to your favourite online retailers

Subscribing to your favourite brand names and online stores will give you first dibs on great deals being offered. 

Most companies send out exclusive offers to only those who are subscribed.

When I come across a site and want to buy something, I don't.  I subscribe first and wait for that discount e-mail to arrive in my inbox, trust me the e-mail ALWAYS comes.


#3 Grocery shop within a budget

If you buy groceries instead of eating out, you are already moving in the right direction.

To save even more money, go into the grocery store with a small budget in mind and before putting anything in your basket, think to yourself "is this something I really need" if it's not, don't buy it.

I know how easy it can be to get carried away with a variety of products.  Also, you can easily shop smarter just by choosing the right grocery supplier. 

Create a list of all your favourite foods and keep track of which store offers the best value when you purchase.


#4 Eat out when places have an awesome special or during happy hour

Eat out on the days/nights when you know a great deal is going down! Have you ever been to a wicked happy hour and thought damn this bill is cheap? YAS, and I bet it felt good! 

 Nowadays there's fantastic steals at restaurants all over if you take the time to do your research. If Thursday's are half priced bottles of wine, then Thursday might be the new ladies night!


#5 Workout from home or outside 

Don't stress about joining a gym. When you can easily get fit from home with a few pieces of equipments or a great little tool called Youtube - the free content that's out there right now is ridiculous

Bye-Bye $20 Spin Classes.


#6 Start meal prepping 5 days a week 

“I have no time” ...It’s the classic excuse for why someone can’t manage to prep meals for their day. This may be true, if you don’t plan accordingly. Making your own food majority of the time can significantly add to your savings!

 Just try this - track how much you spend on eating out each week and I bet you'll be shocked! All it takes to beat this is waking up 30-minutes earlier and you'll be saving hundreds of dollars each week! 


#7 Pay off your credit card... entirely 

Never purchase items that you don’t need unless all your bills are paid, and you know it wont affect your weekly budget, otherwise it will just stress you out!

 It’s easy to think you have extra cash to spend when pay day comes along, just be certain all your finances are in order, before you become too excited.

It’s good to get in the habit of paying off your credit card WEEKLY. This avoids paying interest, or going into debt quicker than you thought.


#8 Keep your living space nice and tidy

When everything is looking all fresh, the clothes are clean and washed I find my mind is sooo much clearer.

You won't rush to the mall to buy a new outfit ever because all your clothes are visible and nicley hanging up. 

When your home is organized and tidy it's a no brainer that it's more enjoyable to spend time there, which usually results in spending less money too. 


#9 Book your vacation plans STAT 

If you know there’s a trip that's going to be expensive that's coming up; like a wedding or bachelor party, and you haven’t booked your part yet - book it now.

Get it out of the way and stop spending money in other places until after that’s been paid off.  

It's NEVER a good idea to postpone paying something you’re going to pay eventually.

I’ve learned that the hard way too many times! 

Hello, World!