Airplane approved healthy snacks...Food that survives the long haul flight




Making healthy choices at the airport is easy  if you prep right,  and you can save yourself a lot of money because everyone knows that airport food vendors jack the prices up. The key to meal prep when transporting is choosing quality foods that will not perish quickly.   I’ve made the mistake in the past of bringing perishable items like salads. After about nine hours the food was disgusting. 

Pro tip: Remember to pack all your condiments separate to add extra lifetime to your food. Salt will make your food sweat.

Here's great options for food that will last for up to 16 hours without a fridge


  • Grilled Tempeh/Tofu or any Vegan Meat 

I season these with my favourite seasoning (roasted red pepper and garlic) and sauté them with a touch of oil olive. After that I let them cool down and pack them away in ziplock bags. (Yves is the best brand of tofu dogs that I know of) 


  • Zucchinis and Carrot sticks

I find these are the best fresh vegetables to bring because unlike cucumbers. They won't become mushy over time. It’s important to not season your vegetables until you are about to eat them because salt will make veggies sweat.


  • Rice cakes 

Rice cakes travel well and are super light weight. I love pairing them with tuna on top. Another option is picking a sweeter flavour and spreading your favourite nut butter on top, yum 😍


  • Assorted Nuts & Pumpkin Seeds 

This snack travels very  easily, and keep me satisfied for a long time. A handful of nuts is odourless too. This is helpful for the times you might be worried about your food smelling and bothering other passengers on board. 


  • Parmesan Egg white patties or hard boiled eggs

Have you seen the egg bites from Starbucks? Ya? think of that!

Liquid egg whites cooked in the microwave for 1.5 minutes with a little seasoning and Parmesan can make for reliable travel snacks. The same thing applies for hard boiled eggs too.  A hard-boiled egg on a rice cake is a yummy healthy treat as well! 


  • Protein Bars 

These bars are my favourite! If I’m going to opt for something sweet, having your favourite protein bar is an excellent alternative to a chocolate bar. These are 150 calories per bar . These are handy if I crave something sweet at the airport which always happens to me. 



Edamame beans with roasted nuts and carrots

I buy frozen peas and edamame beans and unthaw them with chopped carrots topped with roasted nuts. I also like to utilize all my ingredients by adding the tofu dogs in for extra flavour. This seems weird I know, but  I swear this is amazing! 🤓