Beauty essentials for traveling


Having blonde hair and a fair complexion has led to some challenges; especially when I'm travelling to humid sunny places.

beauty products for travel

Although sometimes it has been difficult protecting my hair and skin, I have a few secret weapons that make life under the Sun, so much easier!

A few inexpensive products I use on a regular basis. Along with a couple luxury brands, I indulge in (because our hair and skin are lifelong investments people!) 

You feel me?



Coconut Oil!!!

I don't travel over a day without my beloved coconut oil. It's my full body moisturizer. Whether I'm out in the sun all day or drying off after a shower, its great for a natural hydration for your skin. 

Tip: if you bring traveling make sure the container is sealed completely, because of it's natural properties, it can turn to liquid fast!


Batiste Dry Shampoo

This is the most inexpensive dry shampoo and the best of them all! I love the XXL volume version because, it’s great for all the thin haired sisters out there like moi!


Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible oil  

It’s a heat protection serum and it's magical!  I would say this oil is on the pricey side($50 per bottle) but, it lasts over a 6 months period, even with everyday application. 

A little bit of this stuff goes along way!


Alterna Repair Caviar X Haircare line

This was first introduced to me by my amazing hair dresser and it is heavens touch to colour treated or, sun damaged hair.  Since I've been on this stuff, my hair has never felt healthier.


Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector


If you have oily skin like me don’t stress. It means we’re going to look younger when we’re older (so my mom says anyways) But for now, to minimize oily skin appearance, use this primer.

The holy grail to rocking out an 8+ hour shift, without  shine!


The flat brush by Bumble and Bumble

After being introduced to this life changer. I will not live without it! No matter where I go, my wonder brush comes with me! It’s an investment no doubt, priced at 100$. 

The ultra-fine bristles help bring the natural oils from the top of your scalp to the bottom strands of your hair.

As more time goes on, the brush becomes even better, with the build out of your natural oils between the bristles. 



Chopper Eye Shadow Urban Decay

The perfect shade of eye shadow, I'm obsessed with it, all year round!

Warm hues of shimmer that can be worn everyday, or for a fun night out.


Sebastian Plus Extra Hold Hair Spray

My Moms ultimate secret to her voluminous hair. I’ve tried the fancy $30 bottles and, this one, sold at Shoppers Drug mart for $18 is literally the best stuff (the spout never gets clogged either.)

 My hair stays in place, all damn day!


Microfiber face cloth

This cloth is ideal for acne prone or oily skin like mine! The smooth texture of the cloth cleans out all the excess debris and oils from underneath my pores without irritating or over exfoliating my face. I bring this cloth with me everywhere I go!

Whether it’s on the road or to a sleep over I won’t forget it.  


Stila HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara

I’ve had a lot of different favourite mascaras over the years but this one is my go-to. It doesn’t get chunky and manages to get the tip of every lash. The coverage is amazing!


tarteist™ creamy matte lip paint

I love the life length of this lip stick. It lasts forever, without that cakey mess on your lip line, that tends to happen with most lip products.

My favourite colour is Get it, Vibrant hues of light coral.