How you can always travel stress-free

how to travel without stress


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Sometimes going far away by yourself can be daunting. especially the build up of what is to come... Don't worry, everything will be fine!  Here is how I manage my fears and make everything easier for myself while travelling


Unpack right away

When you get to your destination set up a space in your accommodations that starts to feel like your own. Living out of a suitcase can feel overwhelming so make sure to lay out your possessions and get everything organized.

 Save all your travel documents onto your mobile

This includes any important information like addresses and routes to your destinations. It's wise to save these to your phone just in case internet access isn’t available when you need to use them. It is also a good idea to figure out your transfers from the airport in advance to avoid any setbacks when you arrive.

 Have $100 in local currency

This way when you need to make your first purchase, whether it be a taxi ride or a snack, you aren’t stressed out trying to find an ATM. Sometimes ATM's aren’t readily available or, only operate during certain hours of the day.

Wake up early

Get the most out of the day! Avoid lying in bed all morning and give yourself more time to explore. Even if you just plan to lay in the sun all day, waking up early will give you more time to have a productive day. This extra time in the morning will help you get to the beach before it gets busy!

 Buy snacks that you can take on - the - go

For those situations when there might not be a store around you it will be helpful to have some snacks packed. There will be times late at night when nothing is available and trust me, your stash will save your life because being "Hangry" is the absolute worst!

  Buy travel insurance

and get your immunity shots in advance. Take it from someone who knows first-hand about being sick with the travel bug. Any kind of illness while your abroad is no fun and can cause uncomfortable stress and potentially ruin your plans. It’s a good idea to cover your bases in case something more serious happens that requires a trip to the hospital or clinic.

  Make time to arrive at the airport early

One of the most stressful things when I travel is when I feel like I don’t have enough time to catch my flight. Being rushed can be  very overwhelming and every time it happens I wish I would have allocated more time for the airport. Having some extra time at the airport is  especially important when I need to take a train or bus to get there. There will always be uncontrollable factors like traffic and transit delays, so it’s a good habit to account for those delays in advance.

 Buy a data plan

if you’re staying somewhere for long. Although access to Wi-Fi is available in most places there will be times when it is unavailable. If you’re traveling alone having access to the internet whenever you need it can be a lifesaver.  

 Pre-book activities  

If you know for certain where, when and what activities you want to do it’s better to book in advance to ease your mind. Also, certain things like flights and accommodations can book up quickly during peak seasons. If you know your dates book ASAP to avoid any disappointment.

Plan your next day in advance

When you are travelling try and have everything you need ready to go. This might include charging any necessary electronics like your phone or camera, having snacks prepped, and having all your clothes ready and packed.