The best advice you can hear before you travel




We all do it; search the internet for hours before heading on a trip. Researching topics such as; what to bring, what to wear and cool places to visit. However, none of that ever matters when it comes to creating the experience you want out of your vacation. Instead, time is spent trying to plan the perfect outfit when truthfully, you might never end up wearing it.

Advice for first time backpackers


I sat down and thought about, what I would've liked to have known prior to backpacking the globe... what is the information that matters? 

What I’m about to share with you is the details that are often overlooked. This is the advice that counts, listen closely. 


Save an extra thousand dollars, you're going to need it

It doesn’t matter where I’m going, I could be flying to Vancouver for a weekend, my budget will be set, and somehow I’ll still manage to go over it, even though I’m mindful with spending my money! How does this happen? That’s just traveling!

No matter how well you budget, unplanned expenses arise. It’s best to accept that there will be some extra purchases, because there WILL be things you want to do, that you didn’t expect to. Or in my case, your phone might get stolen and that’s a tough one to try and justify not replacing immediately. 


If you have the time, book a one-way flight

Let the journey unfold by itself. The less you plan means the more room for spontaneous adventure. I can’t stress this enough; the most memorable trips are the unplanned ones.

When you arrive, talk to other travelers and learn about some of the fun things they have done, this can be one of the best ways to get up-to-date feedback on places to visit.  


Make connections, better yet, make life long friends 

When I think back to all my favourite memories when I’m traveling, NONE of them are spent alone (obviously). Travelers are the furthest thing from uptight-pretentious a-holes. Just like you, they want to create experiences of a lifetime. Spend all day interacting with people, making friends is not hard – if you try.  

The best experiences often come from the amazing connections we make, rather than destinations we visit. 


“To travel is to discover

we are wrong about other countries”


Learn about the culture around you

I used to be incredibly naïve, but to be fair I didn’t know any better. People read content written online and swear on the bible it’s the truth, or you can form an opinion on your own. What people think vs. reality is quite different.

There is no way to know what it’s like in another country until you go. The most valuable teachings from traveling is the education you gain from other ways of life. 


Start budgeting from your first travel day

It’s official, day one of my big trip away! I've got on my favourite outfit that I planned on wearing 2 months prior. I'm ready to ball out! (don’t do it) 

It’s easy to be careless about money when your bank account is full. However, if you’re responsible with your money from the get go, you won’t regret it. Spending all your money at the front end of your vacation, may limit what you can do later. 

Maybe you want to dive with sharks and you didn’t knoq it was even an option until the last few days of your trip (but, it's expensive) keep your budget on track, and you'll be thankful for your frugalness.


Live in the moment, put your phone away, or else you will miss something

Yes, take pictures and document your journey, but also remember to take in each moment fully. I have been guilty of this far too many times, and I regret it!

Be consumed by where you are,  you might never be there again. It’s impossible to connect with mother nature through your mobile device, sorry but it’s true. 



The clothes you're going to pack, cut down to half of that 

Everything you need can fit into one medium sized suitcase. If you need more room, then you should re-evaluate what you’re bringing because there is a good chance you overpacked.

Comfortable clothing is essential. This will be one of the best decisions you make prior to traveling. Check out my post on packing like a pro here  for more packing tips.


Stay a while, don’t be in such a hurry!

It’s better to spend more time in less places than less time in many places. Your trip will be more enjoyable if you take the time to get to know where you are rather than rushing off to the next destination.

 I like to travel without setting my itinerary in stone and leave room for unexpected destinations that usually end up being the best ones. 

If you enjoyed this post please comment, and share with me other ideas you believe would be great travel topics I can write about.