The Ultimate Solo female Travel Guide to Bali

Solo female travel guide to Bali

Bali is without doubt one of my favourite places on earth, but it takes some time to love it like I do now.

The change in culture and climate can be a little overwhelming to adapt to at first.

There are many things I would have liked to have known before I came, so I could've prepared myself a little better.

After 3 trips to Bali, Here is an overview of information that will make anyones journey across the beautiful land of green much easier. 



  • Beach attire is all you need.

  • It's HOT and humid AF the less clothes the better - seriously!

  • Having a wardrobe that you feel comfortable getting dirtying wet is a good idea.

  • Bring clothes that pack lightened are easy to pack.

  • Bring a compact umbrella

  • If you have a favourite sunscreen or beauty products bring these.

  • Sunscreen brands from back home can be quite expensive in Bali.


How to prepare before you go

TIP: Please don’t bring a big backpack it’s such a gimmick. Most of S.E.A can be travelled with a piece of luggage that rolls!

Every time in the past I brought a big back pack for “backpacking” I instantly regret it.

It’s more convenient being able to roll your luggage.

Having to put your stuff on your back every time you need to move can be exhausting especially when it's super humid and hot outside.

My biggest regret from my Europe and Southeast Asia trip is bringing a backpack as my travel bag!


Safe and Smart travel tips you need to know!


Unlock your phone before you leave

If you do not unlock your phone the sim cards in Bali will not work properly.

 Having a phone has been useful especially on my own and being on the go.

Data and phone plans are very cheap in Bali. 4 Gb of data cost me $4 CAD, It’s handy using google maps when I’m on my scooter for navigating routes or if I get lost.

Look for the shop Oppo top ups on your data plan, are easy to manage to, just pop into a location and a representative will do it for you.


Book a ride from the airport to your accommodation before you arrive in Bali

This will make the commute to your hotel/villa much smoother (especially after the long hours you just spent on a plane).

If you don’t organize a ride you will have to find a taxi which can be much more expensive. 

The drivers are known to try and rip off unsuspecting tourists.

If you are going to Legian, Seminyak and Canggu (roughly 1 hour ride) the appropriate prices for a ride from the airport is around 20,000 rupiahs or 20$ AUD.

After that use Grab ride share, as it’s a cheaper option and there is no negotiation of prices.


Take out cash from the airport once you land

Your taxi to your place will need cash as payment. 

A lot of small shops and markets won’t take credit cards although most big shops or chain grocery stores do.


Make sure you bring a converter for your electronic devices

In this day and age, you're going to be craving some wi-fi connection the instant you land.

Be sure to have a converter ready for use


Extend your visa on arrival at the airport if your stay is longer than 30 days

Not one month, 30 D-A-Y-S.... If you plan to stay in the country for more than 30 days, it is crucial to extend your visa at the airport on arrival or else the only way to legally stay in Bali is to fly out and fly back in.

Plan on drinking? Collect at duty-free 

 If you want to drink anything besides Bintang (local beer) buying a duty-free bottle at the airport is a brilliant plan. Alcohol in Indonesian is expensive-er because of government tax. I usually buy a bottle of vodka from the airport, and it’s been awesome for drinks at my villa.


Are you on trip advisor? 

 Writing reviews on trip advisor is a good way to wheel deals for free stuff. Many venues and restaurants would appreciate a good review, if you mention you’ll post a review in my experience most places will offer free classes, meals or drinks. Nothing wrong with free stuff, it’s worth trying.

For cheaper rates book in person rather than online

Local's prefer cash, if you can avoid paying till in person do it. 

If you do find somewhere online, try and agree on paying in person. A lot of properties have higher prices listed online than the going rate in person.  Where I stay is listed as $50 AUD on Air BnB, and $30 AUD on arrival.


Indonesia's ocean life is unreal

 If you want to dive, snorkel, or be by amazing crystal blue beaches  than I suggest you go to Lombok, South Kuta or Uluwatu.

Please do yourself a favour though and stop in Canggu first.

We all come back to Canggu and that says something.


How to get around Bali 


Rent a scooter

 It’s the cheapest way to get around by yourself.

There is so much freedom that comes with having a scooter as being able to move around as you please is prime.

My scooter was 65$ AUD for one month and I fill up every few days which is around 3$ AUD.  

My other advice is being cautious around police officers. Make sure you’re always wearing a helmet and don’t have an excuse for them to stop you, some police officers will use whatever for an excuse to give them money.

Having an international license helps.


Grab ride share App

It's the best way to get around Bali if you’re not on a scooter. The data plan will come in handy for this!

Grab’s are easy to locate everywhere in Bali.

The prices on Grab are predefined by the phone app.

You simply provide a pick up and drop off location and pay the driver when your ride is complete.


Blue Bird Taxi's 

The only taxi company I trust, even though I never used that often 

Hire a driver

However, most Grab drivers are private drivers as well and if you communicate to one you are looking to do some tours, they will be at your service. 

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