How to experience Kuala Lumpur on a budget

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After 30 days in Bali I had to leave the country to extend my stay in order to fulfill visa requirements. Even though there are many flight options out of Bali I wanted it to be as CHEAP-CHEAP as possible! 😬 I had my eye on Singapore originally, but I've already been there!  I wanted to experience somewhere new!

A fellow traveller staying at the same place as me in Bali told me I should consider Kuala Lumpur. He said that when he has to do a quick exit and re-enter it was the route he took.  I looked at flights and sure enough there was some ridiculously cheap ones going for $150 round- trip! After locking down the flights I made sure accommodation was also budget friendly. When I pulled up Airbnb  online I couldn’t believe how LUSH some of these condos looked for less than 70$ a night!


Where to stay 

if you're going to splurge some where this is the city to do it. 

I stayed at an incredible suite for a steal of a price called The Face Suites. It was a two-bedroom condo that looked out onto the city of Kuala Lumpur with a fully equipped kitchen and massive lounging area. I must say though the rooftop infinity pool on the 51st floor was the main selling point it was MINT! The cost was 91$ AUD a night which was a great deal for such a posh place, anywhere in North America as nice as this place like this would be at least $400+ /night.

How to get to the city centre from airport  

When I arrived it was late at night and the airport is located an hour outside of the city center. It was easy to find a taxi to take us downtown and it was relatively inexpensive (20$ ride) The only downside was the hour long drive (first world problems) 

How to get around the city 

Commuting within the city was very easy with a combination of walking, LRT and taxi’s. The layout of the city is easy to navigate though, majority of the key sites to see are within a 20-30-minute walk of each other.  After a full day of walking you will likely want to opt for the LRT at some point.

 LRT token

LRT token

Activities & sites to see 

  • Get busy shopping 

If you’re looking to shop till you DROP (literally) Kuala Lumpur is the city to be! Whether it be high end luxury boutiques, or some decent knock offs on Pedaling street, there is something for every shopper.  The shopping centers are endless and you could spend all day shopping and you’d still have more ground to cover.


  • Visit Petronas Twin Towers

Neat places to check out in KL such as the KLCC center which was home to the Petronas Tower, the twin 88 floor high sky scrapers! All the architecture in KL is super impressive! I couldn’t help but gaze up the entire time 😍



  • Explore Batu Caves 

A popular destination for tourists and it was worth the trip no doubt! The journey is about an hour from the city core to the caves. It was incredible and well-kept considering how old they are. These caves are home to Hindu Temples and are religious symbols.  Wearing long pants is not necessary as the lovely ladies provide sarongs for a $2 refundable deposit.

Tip: The roti at the Indian Restaurant in the market shopping stall was some of the best ever.. Food for thought - literally.


Food & eating out expenses 

Eating out in KL was CHEAP AS! I didn’t dine at restaurants however the price for groceries was next to nothing and food court prices are averaging around 5$ a meal. The list of dining experiences is endless from roof top venues to wine bars. Heck you can even dine in the sky, which is an attraction in the city center: dinner on a hanging table 40 meters in the air -  WOAH!

Tip: For some bizarre reason late night stores DON'T take credit card, and when we tried to take out money a local told us the ATM's don't work after 11p.m (weird, I know) Having cash handy is a good idea, I opted for the ATM's inside the shopping centres. 

 Image sourced from google

Image sourced from google



My weekend budget recap 

All together with flights, accommodation and food included I spent around 500$ and lived VERY WELL in my luxurious suite! It’s easy to experience the best on a budget in a city like Kuala Lumpur. One weekend is enough to get a good taste of the city.  As you know if you've been following my travels for a while... The beach is always calling my name.