How to look like a luxury traveller on a budget

Tips to looking like a luxury traveller on a budget


We see those Instagram photos of people we follow and are instantly envious of the vacation photos they're posting.  Many of you will be sitting at your desk job with a tinge of jealousy wondering how is it possible to afford to travel to such fabulous places without breaking the bank? I’m going to give you the insider to being fabulous while spending as little as possible 😍


When you explore, sight see the free stuff

Pick a place to travel to with gorgeous beaches! Not only will your pictures be from paradise, but the beach is always free.

The country you pick will also determine how much your dollar is worth. There are so many breathtaking places you can go where your dollar can go further than others. For example don't choose destinations like the Maldives, go to Mexico, Croatia, Greece and South East Asia instead - all which you can live like a queen (or king) for as little as 30-something dollars a day! 

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Take social media worthy photos, this is how you can... 

Honestly, all it takes is a keen eye for a good photo opportunity. A selective outfit paired with the perfect filter, and you just went from being a budget backpacker to a luxury traveller in under 10 seconds. Throw in a nice prop like a fresh coconut and you're glam ready! There’s a perfect angle for every photo, you just have to find yours!

Tip: Bring a change of clothes in your day pack in you want to take your photo game to the next level (I would do this)  TBH. it's a bummer when I get so many great shots, and I'm wearing the same outfit in all of them... like, no. 🙄



Splurge on the bucket list experiences     

There's bucket list opportunities in every country, with the right research, you can find something amazing to do anywhere you go. An adventure that will have your friends back home so envious they might possibly pick that exact location for their next travels!

Figure out your budget for your five day, one week or even month long trip and book these experiences right away (to avoid it being sold out, and so you can budget properly before you go) Don't get to the last leg of your journey and have to tell yourself “shoot I over spent in the beginning, and now I can’t afford to go sky diving.”  

Going back home and discussing a wild safari ride you went on will never mean more to them than it does to you. These of the kind of moments that make you feel like you're living life straight out of a James Bond movie! 😎

When I was in Europe I did a 2-day tour where we hired a private boat and cruised about the island of Capri, we popped champagne in the middle of turquoise hues of blue, and stayed at a beach front property in Positano along the Amalfi Coast (it was UNREAL, and seriously way to sophisticated for how we were traveling at the time) like HELLO😍 am I even BACKPACKING right now, I'll take another bottle of Champagne for the road please! 😂



Don't spend all your money on where you stay 

It blows my mind how much people spend on a night at some of these over the top resorts. I mean if you have the money, sure, but we’re talking about ballin’ on a budget here right?! 😎When it comes to where you sleep, basic sounds good to me! Real talk, when you're on vacation you will likely spend very little time in your room, so save it.

Tip:  Some resorts have backpacker accommodation options where you can stay for cheap and STILL use all their facilities such as pool areas and private beach - look into it. 


Save money and spend less on your transport means

Hey, if it gets you from point A to point B that’s all that matters. Book the cheapest buses, trains and planes. No one needs to know how you got there! No one cares either. Those hours spent travelling will be your own. It also doesn’t last forever, so suck up the crap plane ride, and just spend those hours day dreaming of the paradise that awaits you. 


Make an effort to make connections with other traveller's

Building connections abroad will take you so many places, trust me. Making the right friend can open the door to opportunities during your travels you won't experience otherwise. I’ve stayed beautiful places multiple times just by making the right acquaintance or being connected to someone that can put you in touch with the guy you need.

It’s not even about someone taking care of you, it’s about having authentic local experience, that counts.  You will have opportunities to see and do things that the average tourist will never even hear about.

The Yacht Week, Croatia

The Yacht Week, Croatia

Skip the fancy dinner at beautiful venues, and go for just one drink instead

So you heard about an unreal roof top bar that you must see. Just because you want to go there, doesn’t mean you should get the 50-dollar dinner menu option too. Have one drink or even just a soda, and enjoy the view you came for... In my opinion, if you want to spread your budget across many experiences, these expenses should be at the bottom of your list. Splurge once or twice, yes, but not every night. 



Pack stylish photo props

Accessorizing is key! Have a killer hat that compliments the scenery just made that photo postcard worthy! No matter where you might going, pack a bomb ass wardrobe! Being stylish is so inexpensive these days. Not only will people be envious of your fairytale vacation, but they'll also be asking where you got your outfit from 😌

These are my basic staples to how you can always remain looking like a mega babe while you’re away.

Hope you liked xx

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