The easiest steps you can follow to stay healthy & fit while traveling in developing countries

How to stay healthy and fit on vacation


Most people fear that going on vacation will mean fitness setbacks and unwanted weight gain, or regrets.

It seriously doesn’t have to be that way at all.

I enjoy my nights out as much as the next person but, I put in a bit of sacrifice along the way that prevents me from feeling like I’ve fallen off the fitness wagon. 

Doesn't feeling good when you return home from vacation sound fantastic?

**Disclaimer** these are my personal experiences, tips that helped me through Asia. They are not an absolute truth for everyone, by any means. 


#1 Start planning before you leave home

Pack your vitamins and supplements

Repack in plastic baggies if the bottles take up too much room in your luggage! Even powdered supplements can be packed this way.

Having your supplements around will keep your daily routine easily to follow. I personally feel that when I’m taking my vitamins, I'm set up to  make healthier choices.


#2 Research where you can find the food you want

Do your research before you head out for the day.

Wondering how you’re ever going to find a salad in Thailand?!

It’s okay I’ve been there too and I promise you it’s out there!

If you seek, you shall find!

All it takes is a little planning ahead.

Nancy Drew the internet, and research.

If you are planning to eat out for dinner and you’re not sure if they’ll have something for you look up the menu online and make sure there is.

Use the cool new phrases you learn from google translate app. (a travel app must have) to get you through dinner!


#3 Learn a little local language

 It will help you communicate any dietary restrictions you have to the cook.  

The basics I always learn are “no sugar” and “no sauce or side sauce”.

Learning these simple phrases in the local language  helps (significantly.) 

It can be a struggle for you and, the server if the language barrier is holding you back from getting what you’d like.


#4 Wake up earlier

Make time to work out.

Even if it’s not every single day, find the time to do some exercises.

If you know your plans are to leave before 10 a.m... get up an hour early and go for a run or do body weight exercises. (you DON'T need a gym)

Download a wicked playlist and get outside! 

Another option is to sign up for fitness classes in the area. Yoga classes are always available around a beach.


#5 Keep a stash of healthy snacks 

 Go to the local market/grocery store

I suggest going to the market right away if you can.

It doesn’t matter if your accommodation doesn’t have a fridge to keep things cold.

Buy dry snacks to prevent you from buying greasy street food when you’re out of options and hangry!

You can grateful for your salted almonds you were so smart to buy!

This tip also cuts down the costs that comes along with eating out for every meal.

Look at us saving money, and keeping fit! 


#6 Drink plenty of water

I clearly love this tip because, I'm always going on, about water consumption! 

You’re moving around doing activities and out in that blasting sun.

Dehydration can sometimes be mistaken for hunger more times than you’d think.

If you think you are hungry have a glass of water first and then decide if nachos are a good idea.


#7 Explore by foot

Walk everywhere

 If working out, isn’t your thing that’s fine, just keep it moving!

When you’re traveling, walking is the perfect way to stay active.

Be adventurous, and go exploring (with your feet)

You might not realize it then, but your body is working off yesterday’s cheesecake you had for dinner!


Which tip do you find most useful?