Packing food for International Flights... Get your CHECKLIST READY!

How to pack food for traveling hacks

I'm embarrassingly O.C.D when it comes to meal prepping before I travel. I admit - EVEN when it’s only - an hour long flight!

I have an entire meal prep bag dedicated to my travel food - this is funny but so true! 

 Some may think I'm crazy, but what if there’s an unexpected flight delay!

No dramas, because at least I'll have my munchies, right?! 😂


How to Pack your bag to stay on track


  • Lunch bag that fits into your carry on

  • Keep all your food items together in one bag, so when you declare your food going through security you can easily pull it out in a separate bag.

  • This also prevents any leaks or food getting somewhere you don't want it to be. I love Lululemon retail bags for this kind of purpose.  

  • Seasoning salt / your favourite condiment

  • A kind that's delicious with a variety of dishes. I personally like a chicken seasoning, cajun spice, or roasted red pepper and garlic... all are yummy choices.

  • 2  to-go containers

  • Ensure the containers are small and easy to compact into your carry on. Invest in a good brand that won't leak or break either, classic Tupperware containers are the best I find, remember you want this container to last your entire trip. 

  • Plastic fork and knife

  •  Nothing is worse than going to eat your food and not having the utensils for it. 

  • Liquid stevia

  • For any hot beverages or sweet breakfast that I might want to spice up! These little hacks really come in handy often and allow me to fight off sweet cravings 

  • Tea bags

  • I love green tea, pick your fav! 

  • Tip: Hit up a Starbucks in the airport for free hot water for your tea bag, and condiments such as cream, cinnamon or nutmeg spice. 

  • Scoop of protein powder

  • Small zip-lock bag with two scoops of protein powder. (I call this my emergency bag)


Refer to my LOW BUDGET healthy airplane snacks for ideas on food you can easily travel with (the kind that doesn’t get soggy and gross after a few hours!)

Do you have any travel tricks for prepping food while you're traveling that I might have missed?

Love to know, leave me a message in the comments below!