8 easily to follow hacks that will help you stay motivated to hit the gym & keep your fitness goals on track


It's easier to be motivated to get in shape before a trip to the Caribbean or when summer is just around the corner, but what about the other months in the year?

Often people ask how I stay motivated to work out 6 days a week and the truth is there’s a little pep talk I put myself through every morning.

If I don’t start everyday with a specific intention to work on myself. The whole day makes a turn for the worse.

This is the inside scoop to how I manage to exercise and eat well all year around.

Hacks to help you stay motivated to hit the gym and keep your fitness goals on track


Wake up earlier

It’s easy to say you can’t work out because there’s no time and you’re tired, but if you would just set your alarm an hour earlier and crush that work out in the A.M not only will you keep your gains but you’ll start your day feeling on top!

Tip: sleep without the blinds closed so the morning sunlight can shine through. 


Have a solid reason for why you want to workout

Whatever it might be for why you want to be in shape, have that reason fresh in the back on your mind and consistently remind yourself.

Tip: It's useful to write your goals on sticky notes and attached them to a bathroom mirror.


Listen to motivational speeches

It might sound corny but it works!

When I put on a Soundcloud or Podcast playlist filled with motivational speeches my mindset goes from being lazy to suddenly ready to walk on fire and run a million miles!

Tip: KILLER YouTube video, it inspires me every time;  How bad do you want it?


Track personal progress through pictures not the scale

Hold yourself accountable through your favourite outfit or pictures to keep tabs on your results this is a good way to stay on track and not lose sight of all the hard work you’re putting in.

Tip: pick a day to take progress pictures once a week. Having a check-in with yourself will help you stay accountable. 


Also... Don’t step on the scale

I haven’t in a year.

Nothing good comes from weighing yourself. 

If the number is higher than what I had in mind it only negatively affects my state of mind.  

Tip:  Only rely on your clothes to tell you how things are progressing.



Practice the 80/20 rule with your diet

I have a cheat day, or meal when I feel like it within reason, of course.

This keeps me balanced and helps me stay on track 80 percent of the time because I don’t feel too restricted knowing I can have what I want when I want.

Tip: Get creative in the kitchen.

Eating healthy is more fun when you appreciate your food - slaving over a meal will do that for you! 


Always start the day with a nutritious meal

Even if it’s just a light omlette, I find it’s so easy to write off the entire day’s diet if my first meal is something heavy like chocolate pancake’s, my dedication to doing anything healthy with the rest of the day is gonzo!

Tip: My go-to quick and easy first meal of the day is usually a smoothie.

Make sure it's filled with healthy fats, fibre and protein to keep hunger hormones at bay for longer.  


Have an outfit goal in mind

 There’s got to be some outfit in your wardrobe you’re dying to look a certain way in.

I often refer to this outfit as my ‘red carpet moment’ when I’m about to give up in the middle of my workout, I remind myself of how flawless I’ll look in that slimming black dress in a few weeks if I just keep at it!

Tip: Make the outfit something practical that is sustainable all year.


Switch up your exercise routine

Doing the same exercises all year can lead me to procrastinate when it comes to committing to doing my workout; I find if I switch things up with new music and different circuits I’m more excited to complete my workouts.

Tip:  switching up your routine keeps things complex for your body so you can continue to progress and see results.