How to pack like a pro

how to pack like a pro

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If you're like me... It's the night before your big trip somewhere, you've put off packing your stuff for some time, and now you're panicking. Lucky for you, getting it done can easily be achieved in a few hours - don't stress.

Having a savvy strategy is key! 🙏

Make your vacay packing effortless with my guidelines on how to pack like an experienced nomad. 


be as basic as possible with your outfit choices

It’s good to visualize every outfit piece you pack being inter changeable with each other. Every shirt should be able to pair with every bottom. Having versatile outfits will double your wardrobe options and make for more room in your suitcase. Pick neutral bottoms like jeans & black denim.  It’s also a good idea to choose fabrics that travel well. Silk is a no-go 😬


Are you really going to use that?

 Look at everything you pack and if  it's not a HELL YASS it's a HELL NAH. If you can't see yourself using it EVERY DAY don't bring it! There's nothing worse than carrying around items you only used once or never at all.

Tip: Leave items behind that will be available at your destination such as blow dryers, and towels.


Buy travel sized products 

 The less you have the easier your traveling experience will be. My rule is ONE suitcase, and ONE carry. if you need more than that -you've packed too much and should DEFINITELY reevaluate what's in your luggage. Buy products that you'll use sparingly in smaller bottles and minimize bulky products by putting things in small travel containers such as: lotions, face creams, gels, powders and supplements (small resealable bags work great too).  Also, carry toiletries in a BIG resealable bag to avoid any leakage issues.

Tip When packing hats or baseball caps fill inside with clothes or small products to keep the hats shape intact while minimizing the space it takes up as well.


Keep your essentials at the top of your suitcase

Keep essential toiletries and a change of comfy clothes at the top of your suitcase for easy access. Items you will need to use immediately are best to keep at the top as well.  Clean access will keep everything tidy, to avoid sorting through your nicely folded clothes.

 Image Source  @skopljak

Image Source @skopljak

Create a list on your phone notes of items that you're likely to forget a week prior to traveling

I always like to make a short list of things I know I might forget as I think of them I jot them down in my phone notes. Before I finish packing I review the list to make sure I have it all.

Think of the countries you are travelling to, does your passport need a visa? It’s good to check these requirements online beforehand.

Does your flight have television? Downloading movies before the flight could be useful too.

 Are you planning on making purchases? Even if you don’t think so, plan for a little extra room for the unexpected. Always have essentials in a carry on, a light change of clothes and basic toiletries in case your other belongings are lost during baggage handling. I typically like to travel in my most comfy attire in case I might be wearing it longer than I expected.

Tip:  I find a sarong is one of the most versatile items in my bag good for a beach towel and blanket on the plane or bus, it’s super lightweight and takes up minimal room.

Bonus Tip: Take a picture of your bags, just incase it get's lost in transit I picture will help the airlines quickly identify your luggage.


Alright! Now you know how to pack like a pro, but I take no responsibly for your style or fashion sense! 😜