How you can save money quick living a minimalist lifestyle


These 12 tips are the inside scoop to how you can save money, and quickly. By implementing a minimalist approach to everyday life.

This is it guys, this is how I travel with less and often.

Why does everyone think you need to make serious $$$$ to afford traveling the world?

In fact I think one of the biggest misconceptions I think people have about traveling, is that you have to be rich to do it. Like, no you don’t need to be rich, you just need to know how to make your money last.

Start by getting serious about it, stop buying dumb sh*t, and incorporate these tips into Yo’ life!

You bad-ass budgeter you!

How to save money fast living minimal 12 quick and easy to follow steps

Secret: This ones the biggest contributor to my money savings…

#1 Don’t eat out everyday

Avoid dining out, and if you do eat out, go ballin’ on a budget! Hundreds of dollars are easily spent eating out a week if you do so. Wanna get serious about saving money? This is the first place you should start.

#2 Workout from home

This isn’t for everyone, I understand. However, if you are someone who only requires a yoga mat and some weights. Why not crush YouTube workouts from the convenience of your own home?

#3 Use a points reward program (for everything possible)

It might take a while to build your points but, to get free product, or major discounts some times, is better than zero times! 


#4 Let go of all the clothes you haven’t worn in the past year

I made so much money selling my stuff I haven’t used for a while around the house, this summer. If you aren’t using it, you should make some $$$ and sell it!

#5 Walk everywhere you can

You’ll be saving gas money, and you’re getting free exercise! Walking is also a great way to clear your head, you can multi-task by listening to a self-help podcast too! 


#6 Shop with a grocery list

Or a specific amount of money you can only spend, and don’t stray from the list/budget!


#7 Use the 15-day rule

Before you buy something you don’t absolutely NEED. Leave the store, tell yourself you’ll think about it… Often times you’ll forget about that item, once you’ve left the store. 


#8 Drink more water and less fancy drinks 

How any soft drinks, speciality coffees, and sports drinks do you have in a day? You might be surprised to hear the average person spends around 10-12$ on beverages from small shops per day. That’s almost 80$ a week! Start by limiting yourself to a daily ‘treat’ beverage, and make it only one.

how to save money living minimal


#9 Cook for yourself

This may be the quickest way you can start to see your savings account grow. Not eating out means preparing food on your own. Make it fun, research recipes you’ll enjoy and test them out.


#10 Grocery shop what’s in season

The inexpensive produce at the market is always what’s in season out in the fields. Look online, or you can see in a grocery store simply by finding items cheaper than normal.


#11 Use a budget tracking app

If you’re struggling to save money and you believe you’ve tried everything. Maybe it’s time you download an app to hold you accountable! See where all your money is REALLY going with a finance tracking app. 

 Mint, Your Need a Budget and Wally are all great ones! 



 #12 Don’t accumulate debt

I haven’t gone into debt once, over the past 6 years, how? By paying off my credit straight away

If you have debt, it most likely means you’re paying interest on it, which is extra money you’re giving away!

Instead of going out on a Friday night, put that money towards your credit! Traveling with funds you have because the last thing you want is to get home with massive debt.

Which of these tips would you be first to take action with?

OR, better yet, do you have any other handy tips I can add to this list?

Because if it’s not obvious already… I LOVE a good money saving tip!