10 safest destinations for solo travellers

10 of the best destinations for SOLO FEMALE TRAVEL


Have you been dying to go on a trip but you have no one to go with?

Well, shit! 

Don't let that stop you! 

Traveling alone has without a doubt been the best experiences I've had abroad. Here's a list of destinations that will make a solo adventure hard to resist. 

safest destinations for solo travellers Canada


#1 Canada

Take in the most untouched landscapes you will ever see.

Everywhere you go in Canada you’re surrounded by multiculturalism. Canada has a reputation of being the friendliest country in the WORLD and, when you travel here you will understand why.


safest destinations for solo travellers Australia

#2 Australia 

Home to the most diverse wildlife and landscapes in the world. 

It’s the destination of my first solo trip!  

Explore the bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne. However, don’t limit yourself and cruise down the coast line too!


safest destinations for solo travellers New Zealand

#3 New Zealand 

Adventure capital of the world - stopping in Queenstown is a must! 

Glaciers, beaches and breathtaking mountainous views I hope to make this destination my next big trip! 

One of the lowest crime rates in the world, with a culture that is very accepting to international travellers. 


safest places for solo travellers Hawaii

#4 Hawai

Legit paradise. 

You can’t help but fall in love with the Aloha vibes. Locals are extremely friendly, and it’s very modern. 
I would even argue it’s one of the most paradise-like places you visit in your life time.


safest destinations for solo travellers Croatia

#5 Croatia 

Island hop the finest of the Mediterranean.

My favourite place in Europe for a reason. The islands are absolutely gorgeous, locals are friendly... and I’ve never felt more safe getting around on my own.


safest destinations for solo travellers a cruise

#6 A cruise 

I know it’s not a destination but, a cruise in any part of the world is a perfect travel experience for solo travellers.

It’s convenient because the itinerary and secure amenities are provided. Unpack once and, never worry about booking another
flight or, place to stay again.


safest destinations for solo travellers Iceland

#7 Iceland 

Don’t let the nickname “Land of fire and Ice”  intimidate you.

Famous for its UNREAL natural wonders (magnificent waterfalls) being one of them. Iceland is a friendly community offering music, nightlife and social spots for food. You’ll have no troubles meeting locals and fellow travellers.  


safest destinations for solo travellers Fiji

#8 Fiji 

Land to the "happiest people on earth!"

Options for group tours make it easy to island hop, providing a list of activities that will show you the best parts of Fiji.

Get ready for the most surreal under water experience and, SERIOUSLY meet the happiest people on earth.


safest destinations for solo travellers Ireland

#9 Ireland 

Who else watched the movie 'P.S I love you' and wanted to travel to Ireland ever since? 

Definitely me! 

It may not be known for great weather, but locals are friendly. The countryside views of beautiful and,  if you’re a sports fan this is a must destination for your bucket list.


safest destinations for solo travellers Cook Islands

#10 Cook Islands

15 drops of bliss cast across the pacific blue...

Can I get a hell ya!?

Relatives to their neighbours - New Zealand. These islands are the perfect place to relax for a week when you’re visiting the other side of the world.

Simultaneously modern and traditional you’ll have no problems navigating your way on your own.


So, which destination will be your next?