Healthy & Delicious TSA-Approved Airplane Snacks


Spending money at the airport on food is the worst… Looking at a bag of peanuts like… WTF? This exact bag is a quarter of the price at the local grocery store I was just at yesterday.

To be honest, it’s been years since I relied on the airport to fuel my body when I’m commuting around the world, I pack my snacks and prep my food for the flight, just as religiously as I do with my clothes and travel essentials.

After 100+ flights around the world here are the snacks that are my signature go-to’s when I pack food for travel. 

The munchies that won’t get soggy or stale after a few hours on their own. 

Carrots + hummus. 

Carrot sticks are the best and paired with a dip you can’t really go wrong.

Screenshot 2019-10-06 10.01.33.png

Mary’s Gone Crackers 

Let that hummus be multi-purpose with some healthy high-fiber crackers too! 

Tip: Unbox and rebag, to minimize the space it takes up in your bag!

Screenshot 2019-10-06 10.03.46.png

Nuts or a healthy trail mix. 

Nuts are delicious, will keep you satisfied for longer periods of time. 

Edamame Beans (unshelled)

Frozen edamame beans packed into a little container is a great snack when you pack a little seasoning salt too.  They’ll unthaw by the time you go to enjoy them, healthy and v-yummy!

Screenshot 2019-10-06 10.00.35.png

Tempeh Sticks/ Smoked extra firm tofu sticks  

If you have an air fryer (can’t stress enough about how much I love that thing) I love slicing up some tofu/tempeh cooking it, letting it cool down and packing it for a long-haul flight.


Protein Bars

Here’s a few of my favorites organic, healthy, NO-GMO’s brands

Love Good Fats  The vegan cookie dough, or the peanut butter & chocolate flavour

Kind  - Almond Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

Vega One  - The Vega Sport peanut butter and chocolate & The coconut cashew flavor are BOMB. 

Good to Go Keto Bar - Cinnamon Pecan flavor is the best

Crispy Chickpeas 

Whether you bake these on your own, or you grab a bag of pre-packed chickpeas this is a great snack for flying. 

Screenshot 2019-10-06 10.01.55.png

Cauliflower chips 
If you haven’t had these yet, there’s a great alternative to your regular chips at the kiosks at the airport. 

Screenshot 2019-10-06 10.15.54.png

Veggie Patties 

I love pre-cooking a few vegan patties and taking them with me on the flight, they always last and never fail to be delicious 

Here’s the brand I’m obsessed with… . 

Sol Cuisine  - Original Extreme Griller, Spicy Black Bean, Wild Rice & Mushroom

Screenshot 2019-10-06 10.14.05.png

Flavoured small cans of tuna 

Be sure it’s the one with the removable lid. 

Quinoa Salad 

A medley of quinoa, with some lentils, cashews, cranberries and roasted carrots/edamame beans, makes for a phenomenal airplane snack. 

Screenshot 2019-10-06 10.18.46.png

Learn from my mistakes… Here’s some tips you don’t wanna miss…

PRO TIP: one thing I can’t stress enough is, when you pack a meal to-go remember to let it cool down completely first before you put the lid on it… otherwise, it will become a hot, steamy mess, and won’t last long in your bag. 

PRO TIP #2:  Don’t put the salt on any of your food when you are packing it. Instead, bring a small seasoning/salt separately and apply it when you go to eat it. SALT makes your food sweat. 

PRO TIP #3:  Avoid dairy products or perishable items such as salads and make sure it’s easy to access/eat. 

PRO TIP #4: Get yourself a lunch kit. A bag that is insulated and only for your food makes it easy to access, and manage. I suggest being only 1 container and packing the rest of your food into ziplock bags to minimize the space your snacks are going to take up in your carry on.